Welding whilst having an implant

I have the xNT implant in my left arm. I’m gonna write about my experience and answer the questions that I wanted to ask in the past considering the little reaserch in this specific topic.

I was especially concerned due to the fact that welding is known to mess up medical implants such as diabeties aid machines and pacemakers entirely due to the high amounts of em waves.

The first test that I performed was bringing a bunch of written ntags 216 and simply keeping it in my sleeve pocket of my welding uniform. After a month of welding with them in the sleeve pocket they still functioned perfectly fine only slightly warped plastic given the heat output from the welding but I have reasons to believe that that’s just from heat from the accrual welding rather than the chips heating up due to the high output of em waves.

After that test iwas more then happy to go with the procedure and get the xNT installation went fine I use it to share my socials.

Now for the real questions
Q1 how long has the implant been welding with you.
-I’ve been welding with the implant for almost a year now and it’s still performing fine like out of the box.

Q2 is there any discomfort with the chip whilst welding.
-No although this one time I welded with out a glove on my left hand and the chip did get warm to a noticible extent but nothing painfull or concerning yet again I have reasons to believe this is just due it the chips hear capacity and the fact that it sticks out slightly out of the hand as a small bumb.

I’m more than happy to answer any thought provoking questions any welders may have.

I hope I’ve been of help to someone with this information. Stay safe y’all - digital_deadman

“dangerous things might be the name but safety first” - Amal


This is good to know.
Is it arc welding that you do?

I do a lot of MIG/MAG and TIG welding and all my implants are still alive. My first and second implants - an IAR M1k and an IAR EM4305 - has been in me for years and they show no sign of quitting. My other implants are all DT (just to stay on-topic), the closest to the electrode of which is a large antenna flexM1 in my left hand and it too is totally unconcerned by my welding activities.

No discomfort from any of them, anymore than I would get discomfort from any other activity - including lathing/milling/grinding/filing in my workshop.



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