West Michigan Area Titan Installer

I’m throwing a Hail Mary here, but I’m really struggling to find an installer for my Titan. If anyone knows of a potential installer in the area (or a few hours away), I would be incredibly grateful if you could share.


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Any of these?

More detail here

@Hamspiced may have some more info :man_shrugging:

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or here

more info here

My scale of distance for the USA is not vey good.

You could drive the length of my country in 24 hours.

About 2000kms…“what’s that in Miles?” I hear you ask

7 ???



Nah I’m east side of the state, I don’t venture there

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I gave Gabriel a call and he is willing to do it!

He actually did my first two implants but I didn’t think he did scalpel/fingertip work.


Anything but Metric.

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