What about flexMN wedge version?

I seem to recall there was a wedge version of the flexMN, but I don’t seem to find it now, is it still available?

Put in my first flex implant last weekend (flexDF2 with needle) and I feel hopeful about future implants now that I know I can also handle biopolymer implants.

So while I wait for Vivokey Apex and my Walletmor I was thinking about one more flex implant and a “magic” chip is interesting as I have yet to get a magic chip. So I was thinking either the flexMN in wedge version or the flexM1.

I have a big round flexMT and I’m pretty sure that it’s beyond my skill to install myself so still waiting to hire a bodymodder.

Or have I mixed up which implants that are or have been in a wedge version?

You recall correctly-ish, The FlexMN had one of the “new” flex antennas ( Not wedge ) @Eyeux has one,

I believe there was a discussion about the tweaking of these antennas but not sure if this happened or if it is the reason it is not on the Web store.

I checked the store and you can still buy them in the FlexDisc, and no other options in the drop-down.

My other guess is, because these are sold in batches, maybe Amal has made and sold out the Flex style and now only has the FlexDisc available, although I assumed they were made to order.

Sorry, I don’t have any answers for you, only guesses

Therefore, I would recommend from here to ask the question on the webpage to get a confirmed answer.

Part of the issue is that the magic chips are, well, shitty. Unfortunately, @anon3825968 was right to be hesitant… the narrow flex version of the magic ntag (flexMN) is very very difficult to get a write done properly on and even reading is iffy… the only hope you have of making it work half way decently is to go for the full circle deal.

Amal, Did you try one on a “wedge antenna”?
I don’t remember seeing one in that combination.

Not the first time my hunch is correct if I might add :wink:

We will have to start calling you QuasiRosco



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That is the one reason why mine is currently on the bag. :wink: :sob:

That was my curiosity too.
I think he did mention something about it when I was making my usability tests.

I mean… happy to have helped the batch go forward, but not happy enough with the result to have it in me.

Ah, my flexDF2 had the same antenna design as the picture you provided, I had actually missed there was a new design of a flex antenna even for narrow flex implants.

Mine flexDF2 reads reasonable good, better than my xDF2 atleast.

yeah that was the narrow version basically. the wire coil antenna vs the new pcb antenna have virtually the same performance so…

Ah, I remember seeing it listed on the site as “narrow” version (7mm x 35mm), but I thought I saw it also being mentioned elsewhere as the wire antenna version NOT the PCB antenna, but then only ever seeing a picture of the PCB antenna version… I was so confused :woozy_face:
however if the performance is the same, it makes sense to go for the PCB.

“Reasonable” makes me curious…

Would you know how far it reads from an ACR122u?
( or from whatever readers you use)

Just curious to compare with my DF2 that has the “old” wedge antenna.

I played around with my CAT S41 and my flexDF2 and my 3x xDF2 and I feel that the flexDF2 is “a bit” easier to get a read of.
But the caveat is that it is only 6 days after install and it was a self-install, so maybe it will improve, or could be better with a “proper” body-modder.

For me it still the feeling of accomplishment and proudness that I managed to install a flex implant at last, it proves for me that I can handle the next awesome implants around the corner.

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first off: Congrats! :partying_face:
Flex self installs are quite a pain to get done! (Pilgri-pun intended)

Bloatness and fluid build up might be playing a part there, but I don’t feel like it is really a big deal with flexies.

My flex DF2 was reading as well throughout the healing process just like it reads now-a-days.

Anyhow, looking forward to hear about it’s performance once it’s properly healed!
(I am way to curious about a proper DF2 with the new antenna. All I had on the new antenna to compare was a magic ntag)

And you are damn right to feel proud!! :relieved:

Can’t wait until we can be talking about our self installs of our new left eyes, or more! :star_struck:

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I can’t see that happening. :rofl: Pilgri-pun intended


Is the 33m diameter a typo? Thats huge!
I don’t think there are many places on my arm where that will even fit :flushed:

You don’t sound very sure. :unicorn_shock_surprise:

I think they meant 33mm. Only a factor of 1,000 difference.

I checked the product page and 33mm…

It contains one chip with a 30mm circular antenna and a second 15mm chip/antenna.

Perhaps if that size is problematic for you two separate implants would be a better option in two different locations.

That’s not much space for a flexie mate. Hf Antennas are a bit larger than LF. You might be better suited with something like a flexNT and a flexEM seperate. Or flexMN Wedge and flexEM seperate.

I also wanted to report the range on the flexMN wedge is way worse than any of the glassies I currently have. Usually, I can read all of my chips through my phone case, but can’t with the wedge. If you’re considering getting the flexMN, please bear that in mind.

Is that an actual wedge or the narrow?

Damn, I really want one too.
My current phone (S21) is the best NFC reading phone I have ever owned. My spark 1 reads have never been easier.

I wonder how it would perform with
With the FlexMN :thinking:
What phone are you using @Epo?