What are you making ⚒️ / 3D printing 🖨

Got you. Alright your description made me believe you used something like pfsense to stop it from communicating out, but not from receiving internal traffic. So I just had assumed.

good guess :slight_smile: it is pfSense, and it’s blocking the printer from reaching the internet but it is not blocking comms between printer and tablet. I also block my Eufy cams from talking to China;


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Very happy with this :slight_smile: Best TPU print I’ve done probably. Printed in Overture TPU on my P1S.

Absolutely 0 stringing at all. Some slight sag near the GPIO pins, but I don’t use those for anything atm. Forgot to make sure there were supports there, there weren’t. Still hard to notice with the naked eye.

My flipper is finally protected!


That looks great!!

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Been on a big TPU kick now, thanks to a tweaked profile for my P1S. Been further tuning it, trying to increase speed without getting a ton of stringing.

Telescope eyepiece caps b/c I keep losing them

Neat beer bottle cap design I found

Lastly, I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it on the forum, but dropped out of college a bit ago…

I’ve had this key loop for the last 4 years, and I really like having one, very useful for grabbing and finding my keys, but didn’t really want to rep the university anymore…

Printed a prototype out of TPU.

Overall, turned out extremely well. Incredibly strong, and decently flexible. I printed this one with 3 perimeters (1.2mm), on the next revision, I think I’ll try 2, to make it a little more flexible. Even then, I don’t hate that it’s a little more stiff, it seems to make it easier to grab while still comfortable in the pocket.

I also need to reduce the width a little near the keyring, maybe add an angle or something. I measured the fabric width, but the fabric rounded the corners of the keyring a little better. Might just make the whole thing a little bit less wide.



Made a thinner and more flexible version that fits on my keyring better, and uploaded it to printables :slight_smile:


I’ve got the 2nd of 4 major exams in my EMT class this morning and I’m a bit stressed about it. I think I’m going to fail it, but not because I don’t know the answers, I’ll just be daydreaming about my new printer XD
mk4 shipment

After I build it, I’ll have to get some TPU and try printing your keyring @darthdomo!

Edit: Got an 88% on the exam. I hate how the questions have multiple correct answers and freely switch between wanting the most correct and the actual correct answer.
Instructor: Well the question is talking about the airway so while your answer is technically correct, it wants this answer.
Me: What about this question, it’s talking about circulation so I picked the correct answer that talks about circulation instead of the “technically correct” answer and still got it wrong.
Instructor: Well that one’s different.
Me: Why?
Instructor: Because it wants that answer.
Me: Why?
Instructor: That’s just how the book is.


For anyone with a P1P or P1S who was looking at the P1Touch project (to add a touch screen to the P1 series via an ESP32 touchscreen board), the dev renamed it to xtouch, and finally published the source code:

The dev was slow to publish source, but oh well, at least he followed up on his word. Makes me feel less sketchy about trusting it (previously just posted the compiled binary), I’ll probably comb over the source a little just in case.

AFAIK it uses the same API backend that Bambu Handy does (and Bambu Studio). It should make it a lot easier to do AMS filament assignments (for when I finally get an AMS), calibration, etc.

I bought the requisite ESP32 board on AliExpress like a week ago for $10 or whatever, so we’ll see how it is once it gets here. It’s entered US customs already, so should be here within the week.

Here’s a pic someone else posted, including a 3D printed mount:

Will post an update once I get mine and try it out.


that looks so clean

Feeling like shit lately, but spent my morning making a macro pad

Cobbled one together out of a raspberry pi pico I had lying around (hadn’t used one before), and some keyswitches I ripped out of a junk mechanical keyboard I was about to throw away. They’re just cheap knockoff blues, but they do the job.

Found an STL online that worked well for the casing, although I had to modify it a bit post-print to fit the Pico.

Now I can bind it to anything, and to change the binds, I just have to mount the removable volume, edit the MicroPython code for it, save, and replug. Changing the hard keybinds, which’ll be nice since I change OS often.

Currently have the top row set to previous track, play/pause, and next track, and key 4 is bound to ctrl-alt-T to open my terminal lol, although I don’t think I’ll keep it that way.

Happy with it for less than 3 hours from beginning to end. Haven’t done a project quite like this before.


Nice work! If you ever have any issues with QMK or anything like that let me know custom mechanical keyboards is a bit of a hobby of mine.


I’ve still got a quizlet with flashcards for the NREMT exam kicking around somewhere.

They’re about 4 years old now or something. I put them together using materials from a paid study service for the NREMT. I’ve given them to a few people now, including for more recent exams, and everyone seemed to like them, and passed. You’re welcome to them, but I think my quizlet account has my real name so you’ll have to pinky promise not to dox me.

Edit: Yep, still got them. LMK if you’re interested.


That would be amazing!
I promise I won’t dox you!

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My father passed away about 5 years ago and i spent that time renovating his house. I ended up coming across about 300 or so slides for a slide projector of him and my family from the 20’s through the 40’s. I dont have a way of processing them but i found a project someone had in creating an adapter for a DSLR to digitize the Slides. So im printing a Slide Duplicator for my camera so i can see whats on these things.

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 10.57.24 AM


That’s awesome!

After an hour of looking like a porch pirate going building to building, I found my misdelivered Prusa Mk4!
Got as far as I could tonight. Trying to be responsible and remember to sleep before school. I’ll dream about building the rest XD


it was almost Christmas for someone lol


Nice! Very glad you found it lol.

Good luck with the build, excited to see your first prints!

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The xG3s are coming in really handy today! Bunch of small parts I can keep at the ready while building the Mk4 lol