🦃 What are you Thankful for?

Its November, spooky season is over. I wanted to make a post saying that i was really thankful for the community here. I personally have kind of been in a very mentally stagnant state for a while and it wasnt until i joined these forums (after lurking for quite a while) that i started to get inspiration to work on some projects. I dont really think i have had anything that inspired me to create or make in a few years now.

So i wanted to make a post really appreciating a lot of the members and how welcoming and forthcoming you all are with your time and energy and patience as i learn different areas between PCB Design, electronics, coding even. i really enjoy this community and i am appreciative of the support and willingness to help that has been developed here.

But that aside im partial to my kids and dog. The wife is okay on occasion. But i am very thankful for my trusty TS100. been through a lot with this little guy. Its been hacked, modded, and abused but it keeps ticking and is likely the most used thing ive bought in the past 3 years.

What are you all thankful for this year?


Ditto this… in all honesty, family aside, the community is everything.


Hm… pretty personal one…
I am and will always be incredibly thankful for my beloved one, still living his live with me through all the storms and trials.

I am thankful for my mum, who is still one of my best advisors for every possible problem, and has been since my birth, and for my dad, who died three years ago and did everything possible to care for me and my life even when he’s gone.

I’m thankful for my strange brain, allowing me to see beauty almost everywhere while bombarding me with tons of chaotic thoughts and insanely intense emotions - the good and the bad ones, but that’s just how life goes, and for the chance to make strange and intense experiences that make me peek a bit behind the veils of “reality”.

I am thankful for meeting extraordinary and impressive people, both in person and by means of this forum. People who make me think new thoughts, who make me question my convictions, who show me new and exciting things I didn’t know of before.


Honestly, I am thankful that I am alive. Not in the best health, but whatever, I am still kicking and pushing forward.
I am thankful to my wife, that she supports me, despite all the crazy hobbies I have, and the best present she gave me in life - a beautiful healthy baby girl.
I am thankful to all amazing crazy people I have the pleasure to know, meet and work with.
I am thankful that I can still see, despite all the meds I take, so I can work and support my family, ride my bike, play games, and have a normal life.
I am also thankful to people in USA and China, who are making amazing audio gear at affordable prices, so I can enjoy the small things in life. Same to the people in Japan, who are making amazing bikes!!!
Nevertheless I am thankful to Amal and team for the great DT products.