What are your hobbies?

I try to do a little bit of anything I can get my hands on but my main hobbies are working on cars, off-roading, amateur radio and hobbyist electronics projects, arduino type things, stuff like that



Electric motorcycles DIY

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I do leatherwork in my free time as a side hustle.

I can only imagine how stupid fast that has the possibility to accelerate… like that actually scares me a bit

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That look like it is screaming out for a DT sticker

It accelerates really nicely
And it’s silent besides the rubber and road
I’ve snuck up on neighbors and animals on it

Going to use my DT kit as kill switch lock. For the bike


Good call. I’ll slap one on

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My Nissan LEAF is like that when I shut off the low speed fake motor noise, infotainment, and climate control (heat pump/blower). Pressing the accelerator pedal will give a soft contactor click, a little inverter / motor whine, then the crunchy sound of low rolling resistance rubber tires on asphalt.

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Please tell me you have the acceleration limited or ramped in some way?

Electric vehicles are capable of stupid amounts of instant torque… and now you have significantly higher power to weight ratio

I’m not against going fast or anything, but electric can easily surpass what you can actually control acceleration wise

(Assuming you’re using really good motors and stuff)

Yeah. My contactor only clicks on with main power connection
I have to rebuild the precharge circuit. Haha it’s still sparking a bit

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Haha yes. I hit 64mph with the current limited to 50% ( assuming max current is 150amps)
I’m keeping the current limited to 70%
Bc that’s all I need for speed

It wasn’t specifically designed to. But the batteries in using can quite keep up with PEAK motor demand
They’re all quality cells but recycled

Beyond 50amps the pack experience noticeable voltage sag

Also being careful and not getting over confident haha

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I’ve been looking at a LEAF, but i already have a Prius - which is going pretty well except for a brake accumulator issue that I’m working on getting resolved. I even got a whole scrapped hybrid battery for $150 from some guy that I’m rebuilding slowly.


The leg-bone’s connected to the, power-inverter.


I generally enjoy going to my local bmx park, on my mountain bike(hardtail 3x8, looking to a 1x9 or 1x11 if youre interested)

Hi Jonashex and welcome to the forum!

May I ask what your small business handles?
What form of equestrian sports do you follow?

Hi! Still pretty new around here, everyone seems really cool :slight_smile: I knit (OG coding!), distance run, hike and cycle. I really like growing food and learning about preservation and fermentation techniques. I made so many kinds of pickled veggies this summer. No jams this year because I apparently decided to feed the wildlife instead haha

I wouldn’t say I’m as hardcore into tech or programming as most around here seem to be but I’ve done a fair bit of work with APIs at my job and I’m very into body mods. When a friend told me about his implant recently, I instantly knew I would end up way down the rabbithole.


That is awesome! I Tunisian crochet mostly now days.


I’ve been wanting to learn how to knit. That a sewing seem like a convenient thing to learn

Very cool! I tried crochet a long while back but it never clicked with me, I’ve been meaning to give it another go. Is Tunisian crochet when you use the double-ended hooks?

You should totally go for it! It’s really relaxing and once you get some muscle memory, you don’t really need to look at your hands to do it. I like it as its own thing but also as a way to keep my hands occupied while I’m watching something because I’m terribly fidgety, it helps me focus.

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