What can I do with my Vivokey Spark 2 chip?

Hello everybody. I’m new here and with the chip implants, so I recently had a chip implant, vivokey spark 2, it was the one that was recommended to me the most to use. But I would like to know what else I can do with this chip, in addition to entering my Vivokey app?
I would like to use it to unlook doors, share information, those kinds of things.

It can be used with any device or lock that recognizes iso 14443a rfid tags

In addition, using the Vivokey app you can set the url on the spark 2 to direct to 1 of 3 locations of your choosing

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Quick question, what was you stated use case when you got these recommendations and who was giving them?
Not attacking, just curious…

Also to add to @Eriequiet

And with iOS there are even more

(something I think will spill over to Android after the RE-vamp)


I only see 3

I mainly love the idea of ​​this type of technology. So far I know that Spark 2 is still in development and that it is the best and I want to try it and see what else I can do with it based on other people’s experiences.

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I’m afraid to tell you then, you aren’t in the cool kids club…Blame Ryu

FYI I only have 3 also

I have the Spark 2, I love it. However, I recommend asking yourself a couple questions first, What do you want it for, what is the best location for you. For example. I don’t regret the Spark. I’d buy it again if I didn’t have it. I placed it in L0 which is great for using it for doors/locks etc. However, there isn’t much use for it with locks and doors depending if you want to DIY. There is a chip compatibility chart somewhere for locks and access control. If you’re just using your phone. You could place the chip in many places not just your hand. Could leave that spot open for a different implant. Rambled a little, but yeah. Hope that helps.

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I agree wholeheartedly with your comment.
I have the Spark original in my L0, I still like it especially since it is my only ISO15693, but I don’t have an actual use case for that functionality, so at some stage I will move it and free up my L0 for something else… Maybe/probably another NExT.

This one?

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How up to date is this google sheet?

Yeah, well I like to use it to open doors and stuff like that. I’m seeing in the Spreadsheet most of the door locks are compatible with NeXT chip.

Yes that one. I thought about moving my Spark a couple months ago, figured it was just a learning lesson of how to go about getting implants. So i’ll leave it hopefully forever. Maybe do something DIY at some point. Placing an xLED next to it Sunday, give Spark some love until they die of old age hopefully lol.

Everything is personal opinion, I would also recommend the NeXT. I don’t have one, but the uses are great. I believe the sheet is updated when someone finds something new that is also compatible with a chip.

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Yes indeedily doodily

Haha, you will expire before it does… unless you are the one???

@Channing are you the one???

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Thank you. I just want to know if it’s really worth it.