What chip should i get ?

Ok so i just stared to get into projects like this and i started to look into implantable chips but i really don’t know enough about the specific chip details to make a decision. i want to be able to write my work credentials to my implant but also be able to use what im guessing is multi key so i can do other projects besides just having it written for the security at work but i also want to be able to use NFC capability to just do cool tricks for my friends. can anyone help me out???

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We can definitely help you out, but we will also need some more details to be able to
The project side is easy, but for your work access, we need some details.
Do you know what system your work uses? do you have your access card or fob handy?


Like @anon67519447 suggested, you need to do some reading and research, but to give you a little head start.
Upload a photo of you access readers and your key card / fob
and / or
Try using this app to read your card / fob with your phone
Tag Info
NFC Tools
to read your card

Check THIS if you are having problems, if no luck, Dont stress you may have a LF system/card, which is good news, as it is easier to get you sorted


Any luck on what you got?

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i want to clone my work credentials and id like to be able to do other things like have a v card and be able to use it for some projects like opening my doors and being able to open my safes

i cant tell exactly what my work uses i know its a Siemens reader but other than that i cant seem to find much information because i cant get my phone to read it and i cant find the exact model number or anything close for that matter all i know is that its a gray box with indents going horizontal down the case and in the top right corner it says Siemens

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Do the readers look like this?


If so, its probably a LF tag, which explains your phone not reading it.

From the limited info I can find on the first page of google, Siemens made these in 2 variants, EM and Cotag.

There’s a lot of ‘if’ here at the moment, but if your tags are indeed EM then an xEM or NExT should do the job - you can either get security to ‘enrol’ an implant in the system if they are friendly with you, you could send your card to Dangerous Things and use their cloning service so once you’re implanted it’s ready to go, or you can buy/find someone locally with a Proxmark (recommended) or blue cloner (not recommended) to clone your tag to an implant.

If it’s Cotag, I don’t believe it’ll be an easy process although may be possible.

Without more info its really hard to say - often from the outside these things all look the same and without knowing the specifics that’s about the best advice I can give.


But what great advice it was.

@marky_mark21 if it looked more like THIS reader

Check out @adiev thread who asked a similar question HERE and might be able to help you further.

I would agree with @Compgeek, sounds like it will be a LF - EM reader, so it should be “Easy” :credit_card::+1:


I thought these were HID readers?

If it says HID on it, sure… but - thanks china - that case design has now been appropriated.


That case design matches @marky_mark21’s description better than what I found, I couldn’t find any reference of that other Siemens reader so I’m guessing they made a deal with HID at one point?

Either way, whether it’s HID Prox II or EM is largely academic at this point, its most likely that we’re talking an LF tag that is cloneable using any of the options above (except enrolling if its a HID since it’ll ship with EM code)

Looks like the recommendation for what chip @marky_mark21 should get is a NExT - The HF side will do what you want for phone NFC and showing off. The LF side will most likely be compatible with your work badge, and if not it’ll still be useful for your own projects, so can’t go wrong either way as a first implant. Consider using the DT Cloning Service as an easy way to get it pre-cloned and ready to go for your work badge (assuming its compatible) and you should be off to the races!


the is the exact box at my job and that was thing chip i was thinking of getting i just wanted to see what you guys thought


and what is a decent cloner beside the ones mentioned above id rather not spend $300+ for just a cloner and i dont want to just get some cheap handheld one.

You pretty much have Two options

  • Blue Cloner ( Whether EM or HID you should be covered ) just be aware of the Quirks and foibles, and know that not all Blue cloners are created equally Read THIS
  • Proxmark Easy, A little more expensive, but much more capable, and really the better / preferred option ( if not the RDV4 ) @anon2520759 found a good option, on Aliexpress, BUT with Corona the shipping out of China is :snail:
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I ordered mine Feb 23rd and it just left China March 4th… not too bad! YMMV though~

so turns out my badge failed the other day so i had to go in and get a new one and i watched them do to and our box is an HID and our badges have HID logo on them and they use c cure 9000 as the software to manage all of the badge numbers

Does the badge had a model number by the HID logo? HID sell various types of credentials, but most likely by the reader it’s a legacy HID Prox II - great news!

A Proxmark3 Easy is probably your best bet and you’ll be set


Yes. HID had a decent deal with Siemens where they got to rebadge a bunch of HID readers and sell under their name. There are quite a few other rebadge companies although I don’t remember any off the top of my head.