What could i do with the implant on my iphone?

hi guys, i’m looking into getting the implant but wondering what practical uses their is for it with my iphone like can i unlock it etc?

and what cars and door locks are compatible with the implant or do i have to modify them?


I’m not an iphone user so don’t quote me, but I know dangerous things makes an android app (possibly an iphone app) to lock and unlock a phone. It depends on the tag you get, you could use it for work if they use a proximity card system, you could use it to unlock/lock your car, your door lock, computer, etc. The car and computer will need a few mods to make happen, but people have done it already. The door lock is easier, they sell locks that are compatible with certain tags.

You can find that information (definately not complete) here: Product Compatibility List


As a mobile developer with the xNTi (am i correct In assuming you have this as well?) implant Id love to be able to build something for iOS that works with NFC however while the iPhone does have a NFC reader in it, they are still reserving that feature for apple pay ( if another Dev on here has other information on this please let me know. )

that being said what @Ironalex said is defiantly a good start for what you can do with your implant away from your mobile device.

To be clear, the iPhone does not have an NFC reader in it… the chip used for NFC is a passive emulator chip. It is only able to perform card emulation. It cannot power a field or interrogate other passive tags. It has been speculated that the iPhone issue is simply a software/jailbreak issue, but the hardware is fundamentally unable to work as a “reader”. Until that changes, there will be no ability to scan tags using iPhone native hardware. There are add-ons like cases and dongles and snap-on things that can, but that’s just clunky and for use in this context (implants), it’s kinda pointless.

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Thanks for the clarification @amal :slight_smile: