What "Dangerous Things" have you been up to?


Was wondering what creative ways you guys have implemented your implants into your daily lives? What projects are you working with your implants, or what projects have you successfully finished?

Let’s get a thread going of problems/ solutions- who knows, someone may be able to help you with that idea of yours



I am an Access Control Integrator.
On all installations that I do for my customers, I always programed my credential as this allows me to test
the systems. So far it has worked well. No more reaching for my Keychain…

I have the xEM and programmed it to my HID credential. It has also allowed me to test readers read range which I think is great. So far the readers with best read range have been the HID 6005B, HID 5365, HID 5395, and the Farpointe P500.


Creative integration! Its interesting to see how you’ve integrated it into your life.