What Do You Plan On Doing with Your Vivokey?

That would be appreciated

I just started a wiki ( hidden currently ) I will use yours as the first example ( If you are happy ), before I start trawling the forum for other examples

Here is a quick sample: let me know if it makes sense, additions / omissions etc. very early days

If you have an example to share, please PM me and I will add it to the Wiki

Please copy and paste and fill out this dropdown ( as much as you can ) that will be appreciated.
Access systems Model
  • A link to the compatible implant
  • A photo of the card / fob
  • A photo of the access panel.
  • A link to a thread (s) where it has been utilized
  • Or a how-to guide, additional info / video etc.
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Ok cool

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Ok got this so far.

Awesome, could you just throw in a picture of the original cad/fob and any markings?
Then I will get it in the wiki

Yes I’ve been washing my hands so they are a bit dry, stop judging me…lol



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