What Do You Plan On Doing with Your Vivokey?


Pretty much that. Aside from the standard opening doors and unlocking computers (access control stuff) what do you plan on using it for? I’m planning on storing all my cryptocurrencies on it, so hopefully it’s compatible with that, what other neat ideas?


I don’t know what else you can do with the Vivokey.


Since it’s a small computing platform, we plan on releasing a series of applets for doing various things including GIDS based logon for Windows machines, a U2F authenticator applet for two-factor, blockchain “wallets” for performing in vivo cryptographic transaction signing, etc.

Ultimately you can also write your own applets and deploy them as well, if you like.


I’d definitely like to see a MC/VIsa payment platform, but I already have read your posts on the difficulties of getting EMV to work. However, the Fidesmo MC/Visa applet has me hopeful!

Thanks for all the cool stuff you do.