What does the xG3 V1feel like when it senses?

Hey Everyone,

I recently got the xG3 V2 installed in my middle finger on my right hand and have been liking the experience so far. At the time of getting it installed I was talking with the installer and he said he would love to have someone get both to be able to describe the difference between them.

I am not against the idea of getting the v1 installed in the middle finger of my left hand but I am worried that I wouldn’t like the sensation of the movement.

I have seen this image a few times in the forums and I think I would be grossed out if the xG3 V1 moved even a little like that. Can anyone confirm how much displacement/twitching to expect on a day to day basis?

On a daily basis very little. I hardly ever notice it’s there unless I encounter a pretty strong magnet like the ones in my MacBook. It really only moves like what you see in that video when you want to play with it like that person is doing.

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Ok awesome that is great news thanks for the insight :slight_smile: I wouldn’t want it moving a ton on a regular basis so it is good to know that it won’t unless I do it intentionally.