What else can I put in my hand without crosstalk

How much more can I realistically fit in my left hand without running into cross talk issues?

I of course only now realize how much mifare stuff there is and I have no mifare compatibility

Also there’s the rumored walletmor option


I mean, as long as you can isolate the one you want, I imagine this would be possible. Not including a flex anywhere

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I mean, @Vicarious has this many

1: neodymium magnet 2x1 mm with Sugru coating
2: xNT
3: m31
4: xEM in HID mode
5-7: m31
8: xBT
9: xEM in EM mode
10: xNT
11: flexNT
12: VivoKey Flex One (beta)
13: xM1 (the original Mifare Classic, without CMB)
14: xM1 (I had the original xM1+, but I’ve replaced it with the new and improved xM1 with CMB)
15: xLED LF
16: xLED HF
17: VivoKey Spark 1
18: VivoKey Special project - contactless payment implant
19: xG3: left tragus (not in the photo obviously)
20: xG3: right tragus (not in the photo obviously)
21: xLED LF
22: xG3


Remember, Dangerous Things don’t always stay where you put them.

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Holy smokes. I have the opposite problem. Where they got put, they stayed.

I wish mine had. I lost the ability to palm scan and the accompanying cool factor.

Interesting, I thought there was far less forgiveness for proximity

Just think about the read range / coupling for an xSeries, there is some wiggle room there, but obviously some other factors to consider are the specific reader and its power output.

Planning is also important, if you were to get a flex implant, the spacing would need to increase also.
and in the same breath, if your implants are at right angles, such as positions 0 & 1 and 4
& 5 this angle is sufficient to isolate the antennas from the other…
Does that make sense? (sorry, that is poorly worded)

Sort of?

I think your saying if you do this

You have can get similar chips closer to each other, but I thought chips on your hand always had to go perpendicular to fingers

Think of the blade of your hand in relation to the top of your hand

Or your thenar/ webbing to the top of your hand…
standby, let me grap a link to a relevant post…

This post and the thread probably of interest

Just pretend your reader is on whatever you want it to be and pretend you have a chip in that place.

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So just checking, could I install a xm1 super close to my xEM on semi knife edge? (Practically touching?)

Different frequencies right?

xEM = LF 125kHz
xM1 = HF 13.56MHz

AWESOME combination, by the way

Depends on you definition, but ≥ 5mm apart

So I shouldn’t treat it like a xled next to a chip?

hmmm, any xSeries you should try to keep ≥5mm apart to reduce the chance of them impacting/ colliding.

On their own they are surrounded by “padding” where as, glass on glass is a problem waiting to happen.

What distance apart is the xLED you are referring to?

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Something I’m pretty sure I got wrong now lol

I thought xleds could / were implanted as close to the x series tag that matches its frequency,

I thought the 5mm was only for cross talk


At least you asked before installing.

Would be cool to have xm1/xEM combo similar to the nExt


Haha, if only you knew… I have been harassing Amal for that same thing for quite some time… unfortunately it is not as simple as it seems.

There is this