What hand do you have your implant in?

What’s the common hand that one has an implant in? Dominant? Non-dominant? Both?

Edit: it seems the general consensus is… it depends on the person.

I asked this to know which hand to get mine in, and your answers did help!

I’ll see which hand feels most natural for my use case and use that hand.

Thanks all!

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I put mine in my left because that worked best for the use I had for it. It wasn’t a dominant/offhand choice in my case.


I believe most people go with their non dominant if they are only getting one implant. I got my xEM in my right hand despite being right handed because I plan to get an xM1 eventually and it is larger than the xEM. I wanted the larger of the two to be in my non dominant hand.

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i have a NExT in my non dominant (left) because left was more convenient for existing reader placement

titan planned for dominant. because if i were to use an extra sensei think i would use my dominant hand to reach out and feel something


Fair enough, may I ask what your dominant hand is? and what your use case is?

I’m awkward. Both parents are left handed but I went to a catholic daycare when I was a kid and they literally beat it out of me so I am mainly right handed for most things, but can learn most things with the left if I put time into it.

I got the NExT specifically to replace an access key fob, and most/all of the scanners for this particular system are on the left side so I put it in my L4. It happens to be my offhand, but more convenient for use.


There was a poll for this a while ago that might interest you

My chip is in my non-dominant left hand though


Thank you.

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My NExT (the one I use the most now) is in my dominant(right) hand. xG3 and xNT are in my left just due to using it less so it would heal better.

3 in my left non dominant hand

Non-dominant L0 - NExT

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L0 - xSIID
R0 - xM1 & xLED HF R
R5 - xM1

R-ring finger side of tip - titan magnet
L5 - NExT