Preferred Hand Poll

What’s your preferred hand/arm for implants?
OR where do you have more implants?

  • Left
  • Right

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My theory is that many, like me, prefer left so they can troll religious fanatics…

Left as voted but nothing to do with religion or anything in fact my mt is planned for my right.

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It is the right hand if you want to troll.

Revelation 13:16-17

[16] And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: [17] And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.


Nah left so you can say “the bible only mentions right hand and forehead so I’m safe”.
Guess you can troll in both ways :smiley:


2 in the right, one in the left
evangelicals come get a peice of me i am satan it seems

Bitch please ive taken bumps scarier than you.

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dont make me bury you early old man

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Non-dominant hand (left for me), so my dominant hand can do stuff like typing and working a mouse while the other is doing RFID things. I have an implant in my dominant hand also, but it’s inconvenient for anything but opening a door.

And, you didn’t ask, but my foot implant is also in my non-dominant foot (right - I’m left-footed since I’m right-handed) for the same reason.


Got the flexNExT and my silicone implant both on my left hand / wrist - simply because I’m right-handed, and I guess I work less with my left hand, so…
But, I firmly believe I’ll be getting more stuff over the time, so left hand might happen too :wink:

Like Rosco, more of a non-dominant hand thing. For me, that means all three are in my right hand. It also let me baby them a little longer for healing, and if there ended up being any infection issue I didn’t want it messing with my dominant hand.

Really though, healing was ridiculously fast and infection has never been an issue… But that has been my thinking at the time of implanting…


Havent gotten mine in me yet, getting it done at the end of Aug, beginning of Sept. It going in my left hand, no doubt. Im actually left hand dominant, but since I was born Catholic (obviously not anymore), knowing about the bestial mark, I wanna troll the shit outa people who try to point it out.

Not to mention its my strong hand, so a bit thicker skin from various activities (Guns… just lots of friggin shooting) and a bit more muscle to protect the implant. Also… i hold my hammer in my left hand, no worry of smashing it if the hammer is in said hand.


Right. Not only is that my dominant hand, but if you walk up to a door with a rfid access, they’re usually mounted on the right hand side. I assume this is because most people are right handed?

The place where I work uses them at the entrances, but I need to reach out my car window with my left hand to touch it. Never bothered trying to enroll it, cause I’d need to be a gymnast to make it work. That and I have a PIN to get in with.

I never gave the mark of the beast people any consideration. I very rarely am swayed by what people will think of what I say or do.

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I had a chat with a locksmith about this once, when I was designing a security system. I asked him if he knew whether doors opened more left or right, and if there was some kind of “standard” for this. He told me it’s 50/50: doors open however they need to be placed depending on the building, and given a choice, building designers seem to toss a coin.

As for RFID readers, if they’re positioned close enough to the door, they’re usually located next to the handle for obvious convenience reasons, but not always, if the door frame won’t allow it, like with profile or glass doors.

So no, there’s no rule or majority choice for that. It’s a misconception.


Then perhaps I should say that almost all of them I’ve encountered have been right handed.

The only rule, or code that I know of regarding door placement, is that it must open to the outside. That way if a crowd tries to rush through in a hurry, like for a fire, it won’t get jammed shut by the press of people.

Indeed. And you’d be surprised how many buildings break the code. I always look whenever I get into a building, and it’s just staggering…

As for the RFID readers I encounter in my daily life, it’s a mixed bag: at work, the two outside doors are dual profile doors, the one that opens being on the right (left-hinged) but the readers are on a post on the left for some reason. The two inside doors at the bottom floor are right-hinged and the RFID readers are on the right, and the two inside doors at the top floor are left-hinged and the RFID readers are on the left. The doors to the warehouse are sliding doors, reader on the right, and my house’s front door is left-hinged, reader on the left (since it’s integral to the lock). So not as clear-cut as you apparently.

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I’ve gotta ask about that foot implant for a sec, what implant is it, if its not an x-series can you get it to work through a shoe, and last of all why? Cause I’d totally do it because I can, but then I’d sit there like “alrighty… now what”

Head over here for all the details.
Also, I don’t wear shoes. I suppose it’d work through one though…

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Beautiful thank ya mate, fuckin love it

Can confirm, as a locksmith aide. There’s certainly an unspoken standard, but it ultimately depends on the way the door opens and the type of doorway setup, and the ability to access the scanner itself. Left-hinged have scanners on the right, so you don’t have to overextend your arms grabbing the handle, and a doorway with two independent center- opening doors will have the scanner on the right side of the entrance so that you don’t have to cross into incoming traffic to scan, with the interior handicap access on the left (or right, if you’re inside the building). Beyond this, it typically will follow the convention of the rest of the facility, if you’re doing an expansion and the rest of the facility has scanners on the right, you design the doorways to have scanners on the right.
Don’t even get me started on the argument of fail-safe vs fail-secure in buildings.

Just thought I’d add my semi-professional two cents… as for actually contributing, I have it on my right hand to irritate churchgoers, but also because all of the door scanners are on campus are on the right side, and I’m a leftie (typically have my phone glued to my left hand).

foot implant?