What happened with Walletmor?

I bought it way back it seems and im just wondering when I can expect to get it and why its taking so long.

I will drop a @wojtek here to get his attention, and you could also try a direct to the source question of him to wojtek@walletmor.com

here’s some reading material for you whilst you wait

Walletmor had a series of hurdles to overcome, mostly the acquisition of chips that were EMV certified and configured for a longer expiration date. The original thought was that they would be a 5-year expiration but now we were able to secure an 8-year expiration. That delay was many many weeks, but now I have the chips and I am actively converting them into implants as we speak.


ight so I guess its just ready when its ready then.


@amal Would we still not be able to use it in the U.S🇺🇸 @Pilgrimsmaster

You can use it in the US but you need to be an EU citizen with an EU bank account.

Correct, Well kind of, if you could set up a bank in the EU :eu: I’m sure you could but I’m not sure if the fees would be worth it.

You would be better off looking at the purewrist conversion

By the time the expiry comes around for your Purewrist then Vivokey Apex should HOPEFULLY have payment capability

Haha, Yeah, What Amal wrote above :arrow_double_up:

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I was :cry: but then the English decided I couldn’t be an EU citizen any more. :frowning_face:

I’m pretty sure it’s EEA of which the uk is still a part of so if your in the uk you can get it.

Nope, I’m a UK citizen in the USA…

Do you have an address in the UK that you could prove ownership of? IIRC that’s the main thing iCard wants you to do apart from checking that you’re ‘in’ a country in the EEA (UK included AFAIK)

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Yes this is correct. Basically it comes down to this… can you can an iCard account and link a bank account to that? If so, you can link a Walletmor implant to that iCard account and use it anywhere in the world.

So basically we’ll be able to purchase a Walletmor that will last 8 years? Is there any announcement about this? Thanks :slight_smile:

It wasn’t publicly announced yet. Only people that already bought the implant where informed in a facebook group post.

I don’t know how to quote a post in a different topic, but here is the link to why they haven’t publicly announced it yet:

Well… apparently that is how :joy:

So say I was to get one… Better now or when it’s ‘official’?

I think your best plan would be to contact them before you buy one so you have something “official” in writing.

I’m not actually sure at which end the Expiry is set. ON the card or the BACKEND ie. If it can be changed.

That’s what I would do anyway.


I wasn’t told about anything via facebook but I did get an email related to it.