What implant for my workplace?

Hi, I’d like a non-flex implant that would be compatible with the system my workplace uses.
When scanning my badge it says “NXP - Mifare Plus”.
Which implant is compatible?


There are no exact direct implant options
there is a possibility that there may be a couple that may be compatiable.

Probably the first easy test to narrow down options would be, confirming if your badge is 4 or 7 Byte Mifare Plus



The badge’s serial number appears to be 7 bytes (seven octets), which I assume is a bad thing in this case.
Are there any options at all?

That likely rules out your “best” option. (there is still a chance, but to discuss later)

What that leaves you with is, enrolling an implant.

If you don’t manage the security system, you may need to do some social engineering around getting an implant enrolled.

Next step I would suggest you approach the people that manage the system to test the waters.

Then, if they are amiable to a BYO option, grab yourself a test card bundle, and see which ones can be added (if any).


you should have an answer, as to your implant option(s)