What implant should I take?

Hi! What implant should I take if I wanna open doors to my flat, make payments, use in the transit validator and so on, so on?

“so on so on”

there isn’t an implant that can do all of what ur asking to do

for your apt we would need to know the chipset to advise you on what to get to suit

for payment you’d need to look into conversions or walletmore because you can’t copy the data off ur credit cards.

transport is unlikely due to security measures often implemented but once again. provide the chipset.

What country do you live in?

some payment and transport solutions are country specific.

As Equipter said above, we need more information.

Can you share a photo of you flats lock/access system?
photo of Card/fob?
Can you download TagInfo and scan your card/fob and share the results?

I live in Estonia.
I can use my banking card for everything in here, my transit card is connected with my banking card, my flat door locks are connected with my banking card.
My iphone won’t read these chips, it only reads one of my 4 wireless cards, but I don’t use this card very often, I use it in the train sometimes.

That sounds awesome.
It also sounds like a payment conversion would suit your requirement


2 things:

  • To get it done, you would be without your card for a period of time.
  • you would need to confirm it is even possible

Can you take a photo of your card (Hiding your personal information obviously)
Also a link to your Bank maybe helpful


Okay let’s say that I can’t get everything with one implant then should I get 2 different implants for each hand?

Also what can I do with VivoKey spark 2?

Let’s say that I can’t have implant which can make payments then I’d get the one that can open doors and share information or something then which implant should I get then?

The payment conversion is a good idea, but there are two minuses, one that I have to replace it when it expires and second if they can’t convert it then I’ll waste like 100bucks.

I also think that the walletmor implant idea is very good, but it’s expensive and it can only do payments as I understood. It would be price wise okay if I could do the other things aswell, but for just payments I think it’s too expensive.

You can have multiple in the same hand. Just not too close if they use the same technology. A conversion like @Pilgrimsmaster mentioned would do all the things your card does but you need to make sure it’s doable.
Otherwise, yes it is common to get multiple for multiple uses.

Currently not much other than authentication on a couple websites and the standard nfc tag things but a much more recent vivokey is out , the apex which can run applets and stuff.

We need to know your lock’s details for that. Usually the NeXT is a good and affordable starter implant.

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Can you shine a bright light through the back and take a picture of the chip and the general shape of the antenna?

You can’t see that good, but if it helps I can draw it and send it.

Okay so probably for me as first and cheaper option I should get only one implant and it should be NeXT. So it’s understandable that I can’t make payment then, but I can probably open my doors and show infomation when someone touches it with nfc compatible phone or something? I can send you the picture of the lock later in the evening.
How can I program the chip tho? I need to buy the usb read and write think and then download a program to my pc? The door key can be written with my aparment owner tho that would be fine, but other things I have to do it myself.
Or is it worth the hassle and money for my first implant that I’d buy the conversion implant?
Should I try walletmor is it worth for first implant or better to not? And if I buy the walletmor I still have to buy the other implant for other things

The NExT is a great first implant

Yes it will be cheaper than a custom payment conversion

i personally dont think you should take the easy option straight away.
You seem to be in the right neck of the woods for an Apex Product.

Check out Fidesmo also and see if Nordic : Go is an option for your transport needs, plus the banking partners.

Alternatively, the new CoM conversion could be a suitable option for you, but you’ll need to share a photo of the chip on your card to know if it is viable.

Can you also yse a very bright torch to illuminate the internal chip of the card, like this

I would love to see you getting “one implant to rule them all” and we can hopefully give you all the options available to you


Hmm okay, but what if I create myself a bank account what has like only mobile pay that it doesn’t come with the phisical card then maybe it is easier to maybe connect with some implant?? Then there needs to be no conversion from card to implant and don’t need to change it when my card expires because these doesn’t have expire date.

I don’t have a light that is as bright to see all the card because my card is with weird design that you can’t really see through it even with light, I can make a video of showing the antennas, because I can follow the antenna with my flashlight and then you can see what’s going on there, because I can’t show the whole card at once and I don’t have such a bright light for it. As I said I can draw what I saw inside the card.

Do you wanna see like the main chip with flashlight? Does it help you in anyway?

Hmmm, ok, I dont think the CoM chip is viable, but ill let @Satur9 confirm that.

The other chip was quite difficult to see whats going on, unless you can get better lighting and
If that was the path you wanted to go down, Could you download TagInfo and share the following acter scanning the hidden chips antenna

you would need to get yourself a replacement card and send your old one to Amal.

Can you have a poke around on Fidesmo, and see if a wearable would be compatiable with your Transport and payment needs

I’m pretty confident that’s not a CoM chip, and they’ve only shown us one card

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Ahhhh, yes, right you are.