What implants could the Apex replace?

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“Multi-application enabled by MIFARE FleX® with MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 up to 16KB and MIFARE Plus® EV1 up to 4KB (including MIFARE Classic® support)”

I assume this means the apex can emulate the DF2?
Can someone confirm?

Also what other chips will the Apex replace?

I want to plan what chips to get while waiting…

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The apex are p71 as you have there does have the ability to emulated all the chips you have mentioned. As for whether we will be able to use that feature with the apex only the vivokey people can answer.

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So as @Devilclarke said, Only Vivokey peeps can confirm, but I think you can fairly assume the ellipsis means “and so forth”

Thx for your quick answers, good link @Pilgrimsmaster !
To continue the quote:

This means the Apex won’t cross the flexM1gen2 from my wishlist, as I want to clone cards…
Still not sure about the DF2 tho’, also this raises another question.
I don’t understand this thing with the application IDs yet.
Will I be able to use my Apex as DF1/2 while also using it to pay, etc?

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We are looking into it… but it’s low priority. From what we’re seeing, it appears the chips can only be personalized with emulation set up for one type of chip at a time… so DESFire EV2 only… it’s really a terrible terrible setup.

On the plus side… I am 99% sure you can simply write a javacard application to emulate the AIDs you need anyway. This is basically what we’re doing with the NDEF applet - vivokey.com/ndef … as an NFC Type 4 common AID, when you set up a DESFire for NFC it uses the same AID and I believe the selection process is the same as well… some testing should be done though to confirm… but I am pretty sure if your DESFire application required a specific AID or AIDs, you could simply set up a javacard applet with those and it would respond the same way. Of course, it would mean you’d probably also have to emulate the AES key process, and if the DESFire secure channel features were used then it might be a serious pain to do all that… but it should be possible.

The bigger question though is - what are you going to use the emulation with? The emulator itself does not allow you do clone a DESFire UID … it picks its own UID based on an algo… you cannot tell the emulator which UID to use, so you will probably need to be interacting with whoever manages whatever system that uses the DESFire tags… and if you are interacting with the manager, then maybe you could get them to support the use of a secure javacard applet instead of needing to emulate the DESFire chip at all… maybe… wishful thinking I guess.


I’d use it for the rare scenario that I get someone to give me the keys to enroll/use my implant.
At work we might switch to a DesFire door lock and I really don’t want this 1 tag to be the only thing in my wallet.

Good point, I think I could have impact on the decision which locks to get.

That’s what I wanted to hear, but the quote above is even better!


That was what i got from the datasheet too.

Most of them probably arnt going to have a clue “it the security system we click this scan a card and now its yours”… i would love to sort some guides out on how to enrol implants maybe a project the community could work on :thinking: