M1flex installation with Apex needle

I agree… as long as you can achieve complete hemostasis (stop all bleeding), then a quality butterfly (not a cheap shit one with bad adhesive) will suffice for more biohack installs. I also tend to further stabilize with film patch overtop… tegaderm makes some decent ones.

Any updates on flexM1?
I’m anxiously waiting on sending more :money_with_wings: to DT


yep… working on lining up production now. We have all the stuff we need now (finally!) and I just need to clear out my queue and get starting on a batch. Probably have some stuff up on the store next week!


I hadn’t thought about this much when I ordered my xM1, most hotels use battery powered readers. As hotel keys are my main use case for the xM1. Now this is an option maybe I should just skip the xM1 and get a flex instead.

Or I could just use both, but if I have a use case for 2 may as well get 2 flex.

On that note, is there anything that would technically stop the apex acting as a mifare classic 1k?

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So exciting!

Did you come to a final verdict on if you’ll sell the needles or if they’re going to be a partner only item?

And if partner only, any info on which partners got them? Needle seems like it would definitely be the more comfortable way to get an install since stitches kind of suck.


sorta… it has the emulation capability to act as a mifare classic 1k, 4k, plus 1k, plus 4k, desfire ev1 1k, 4k, 8… however… the utility of this is crap because you cannot control the UID… it uses a hard set prefix and dynamic suffix based on the host chip ID and some transform algo. In short, you can’t clone UIDs to the emulated iso14443a card type.

The other thing to point out about the flexM1s is that they will come in two flavors… gen1a and gen2… gen2 is very interesting because you can write an entire clone file to the gen2 card including all of sector 0 with your phone and the MCT app… so if you get some clone and key files together and store them on your phone you can easily switch up what is written to your flexM1 gen2 on an as-needed basis. Perhaps we could explore the source code for MCT and create an interlink with a common shared repo of clone files… like I have the keys and clone files for the Chuck E Cheese play pass card… the keys are the same for every single card… so while the clone file would not be something I would want to share, the key file would be… neat huh?


I need to go look into the pros and cons of the genA1 vs gen2 then I guess :smiley: and maybe get both.


Quote from @amal original post from 5th Feb.


so right, with a gen 2 I could clone a card with my phone and mct and dump that to the xm1. But I don’t understand the difference … is it with the gen1 you have to give it a special command to change the uid whereas gen2 it is basically permanently “open” and a dogey write can kill it?

There are some good references around, In fact I think Amal MAY? have published one, Let me try and find something for you


Don’t get me wrong I have read everything I can find. Id just love to hear it, look at it this was I want to get a flexM1 so that when I stay at hotels I can use that as the card.

I don’t really like the risk at bricking the implant but if I need the gen2 that’s fine but as far as I have read the only time a brick can happen is on write and if I did a full clone and dump then that risk is mitigated.

That may be complete crap and please correct me if is.

EDIT: or even better get them to enrol the flex as the room key, boom no risk! Providing they don’t write to the card.

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So here is my simplified take
Both good options.
Both can do what you want
gen2 you have the convenience of writing to with your phone, but “risk” of bricking :brick:
gen1a you need ProxMark to write with no risk of bricking

Thats my thoughts
For what it’s worth, I’ll be getting the gen2


Heres Amals Document, have you seen it before?
Does It anwser your question?
Just a little bit :pinching_hand: more detail than my post above

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Oh boy. This is exciting.

My wallet is not so excited :sweat_smile: especially for my (I assume) massive installation cost for all the stuff in my pile… Otherwise yeah very exciting overall.


Yeah, don’t skip breakfast that day.

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I don’t eat breakfast anymore :sweat_smile: or lunch usually :sweat_smile: way more time effective to eat just 1 meal.


I promise you, you need to that day.

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I have yes

Maybe if I could understand it :sweat_smile:

I think from my point of view I’m going to be getting a gen2.

I may need someone to explain in idiot terms what exactly that pdf means but then again trying to read/understand on 2hrs sleep in the last 48hrs probably isn’t the best idea :sweat_smile:

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Why is that? I have heard you should eat before implants. Same with blood donation and tattoos. I’d be fascinating to hear the medical reasons for this recommendation.

I personally have been through tattoos and many multiple hour long (7hrs was the longest) apheresis procedures without eating that day without ever having an issue. So I have never taken the advice as that crucial.