VivoKey Apex update

It is, I’ve had other implants in the blade with no issues but after hearing it might not be the best I played it safe and cut the difference. It’s right in line with my hair line on the hand. I’ll keep an update on the healing and post healing feel.


I received mine and have been following a “get the code working first, implant it second” plan.

I’ve run into a bit of trouble with iOS compatibility, but I don’t want to bog down the thread here with nitty gritty technobabble. So here’s a link to the issue, if any of you software wizards could lend an eye. Cheers.

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I actually never even thought about this…that’s a good suggestion.

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Oh you… :joy:


Silly question: will the apex be able to emulate a mifare card, assuming an app is developed? I saw something on GitHub re using fidesmo api with something called Spray to emulate one? I am showing my lack of programming knowledge here so sorry if a really really dumb question.

Not silly at all

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Damn. Thanks. I would love to know how you find those links so quickly!

I was hoping to clone a MF 4K but if you can’t change the UID there is no point.

Thanks again.

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Perhaps another dumb question:

How does one write to the ndef space on the apex?

I used fidesmo to add the vivokey ndef 1k app and then I tried using tagwriter to write a contact card to it to test it out but it fails to write and just crashes tagwriter as soon as the phone connects to it…

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Can you use TagInfo to confirm the 1k was successfully applied?
Can you try a simple text field?
Can you give NFC tools a try to write a dataset?

taginfo showed 1024 max size and nfc tools seemed to work, thanks!

Not sure why it crashes tagwriter

Side question, maybe better for the man himself but how cautious should we be with the new process packaging? should I not really be handling it until install after confirming it works or is it fine to handle with care or what?

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Not the best quote, but I think it answers your question

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Yeah best not to handle it too much. The inside of the polymer sleeve is not sterile and it will contaminate the pouch contents of handled too much… it’s just things like water or body oils will contaminate the pouch much much faster so we put it in the sleeve to protect against that.

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Thanks for the clarification!

I presume that handling it to scan a few times and confirm functionality is hopefully not too bad since i already did that, but I will now put it back in the box and very excitedly await installation

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Some gentle handling is fine… but smashing it to a phone and putting pressure directly on the product to hold it up to things is not a good idea.

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Maybe another silly question, but have the emails for the flex one backers gone out?
Haven‘t received one yet. :slight_smile:

It was mentioned elsewhere, you gotta DM amal with your order ID if you didn’t get the mail.


yes they did… twice now :slight_smile: DM me with deets

Someone’s going to pop in and ask about flex one betas when apex2 drops :rofl:


Well I‘m just busy with lots of projects and remembered that I should receive an Email. :grin: