M1flex installation with Apex needle

Hi fellow Biohackers :grin:
I received my M1flex & Apex needle on Friday, I got the needle sterilised and did the installation today, and I figured you’d like some photos of it and I figured I’d share my experience with the equipment🙂

The experience was far from as unpleasant as I’d imagined, though I did “cheat” with lidocaine cream as an anasthetic.
I kept the stuff on for two hours under an airtight patch that was included with the cream.

This needle is HUGE, not just in the diameter, but also length, so i’ll advise to plan ahead before getting stabbed by it as you’ll want to make sure you have enough room :sweat_smile:
Enterance point is clearly visible, but the needle goes all the way in to my wrist where the small bump is

Inserting the M1flex into the pocket proved a bit challenging wit only one hand, but it co-operate nicely enough :slightly_smiling_face: the hardest part of this self install was to sew the opening shut with one hand, but I managed quite well I’d say :slightly_smiling_face:

Just to be clear, I do not advocate people to do these kind of installations by themselves, the procedure is more challenging than the X-series. This is backed by the fact that you have to handle the implant and insert it manually, be super careful not to poke a hole into the biocoating when suturing the wound.



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Impressive one-handed work I must say.

So you basically insert the big-ass needle, pull it out and slide the Flex implant in the hole? Is that it? That sounds much less involved than scalpel work - and crucially, something my local piercer just might agree to do, should I decide to implant a Flex-series implant.

Also, you say you sterilized the needle: I take it it doesn’t come in a sterilze packaging?

At any rate, thanks for the informative photos!

I did a flex on my knife :raised_hand: and I can say next time, I will approach it differently.

I will be going towards using a dermal punch and using a taper to pocket.

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That’s basicly it @anon3825968 :slightly_smiling_face: problem is to get it stuffed in far enough without using other tools than your fingers :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s not sterile at this point, as both items were pre-release units :slightly_smiling_face: but I guess the needles might continue to come unsterilised because of the size, and the fact that det don’t have a protective cap over the bevel :slightly_smiling_face:

Grabed a Pic for you of the needle post installing, for size, just wish I had a banana for scale, so my hand will do​:rofl::sweat_smile:

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Wow, it really should have a 1/4" hex at the back, to attach a hex driver handle to it.

Did it scoop out some of your meat inside the needle when you pulled it out?


Nope nothing, it was a nice & clean cut, but I took my time and I didn’t just yank it in :stuck_out_tongue:

Your piercer should have presterilized ones, but you can also buy presterilized ones on Amazon.

Edit: I was incorrect, see the responses to this comment.

How much did you feel, or did you feel anything? Also 4% or 5% lidocaine?

Okay, I didn’t realize it was a standard instrument in the piercing trade. I wonder if mine has something that big. I’ll ask him…

Mine didn’t, that’s why I sourced one from Amal, with the Flex :slightly_smiling_face:

The biggest mine had was 0,8mm so that was a no go :sweat_smile:

Nyaaa, graphic shit like blood and gore doesn’t bother me but that needle just chilling in your hand made me squirm a bit.

Curious how big is the FlexM1? Would you mind updating on how that location is for it once its healed more?


Ummm Yeah we would :clap:

Mate you did fantastic self installation and needle work looks TipTop. :adhesive_bandage:

The needle is a custom DT needle and the laser etched mark is the depth gauge for the Flex install,
(however we will need to see what we end up with length wise for the Apex flex) DT providing the proper tool for the job and sounds like it worked very well.

Man I wish you had video…

Thanks for the share

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Definitely seems like the Apex Flex needle install will be a “just do it and tell me when you’re done” thing while I have my eyes closed trying not to pay attention while someone else does the work… and I’m ok with that. heh.

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Maybe by then your wife be more interested and it’ll become a couples activity :laughing: :laughing:

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Somehow I doubt it, but would certainly be nice! hahaha. She already calls me her “weirdo cyborg” just for my glasses. The implants were a bit of a hard sell for her to accept without killing me in my sleep for the life insurance and whatnot.


The M1flex is about 34mm long @CanuckCold, can’t say I measured it when I pulled it out of the vial though :sweat_smile:

I inserted the needle approximately 1/2" ~ 10mm longer than the M1flex unit itself, just to give myself a piece of mind for the suturing part :slightly_smiling_face:
I do to @Pilgrimsmaster but my one spare hand went into the procedure, so if I’ll ever get the misuse or person to get an implant I’ll film it for sure :grin: then my needlework will be top of it’s game too​:slightly_smiling_face:

@SammichBrad it’s not any worse than the xG3 or the NExT install given that you give the tropical time and that you have a moderate (read: can handle a 6-8H tattooing session) pain threshold :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m not a good basis for this procedure as I’ve been able to shovel snow for 3h with a broken ancle, so I feel up for almost anything :joy::frowning:

@Aemun I doubt this is a thing to do on your couples night out, unless she’d be interested in suspension and then Doing kinky stuff on top of that :joy:

Truth been told I’ve not been able to tell my GF about this implant as she’s grossed out about them all, BUT this needle would have been a pill to big to swallow, even for her :joy::open_mouth:
God’s praise the heavy snowfall and place lar storms we have in Northern Norway these days, and the mech. Breakdowns of the snowblowers to blame a “small” cut on the hand fore :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I may have just thrown up a little. :nauseated_face:

That having been said, for the right implant. I’d be willing to have a pro do this. WHILE I LOOKED ELSEWHERE.


Gotta do some googling… brb… :wink: :wink:


Hahahahaha @Aemun each to hheir own :joy: but then again research newer hurt anyone :joy::joy::joy:

@ODaily it’s not as bad as it looks :slightly_smiling_face: given the right anasthetics, time for it to work and pain tolerance, it’s like a trinity :slightly_smiling_face: you just have to find the right balance :slightly_smiling_face:


Omg, I’m waiting for M1flex for months!!!
Do you know when will it be released? Is the reading range good?