What install location would be recomended after location 0?

Hi, I’ve been considering getting a few of these implants installed since about February.
I want to get the ultimate bundle but as they’re all the same frequency I suspect they wouldn’t enjoy living NExT to each other in my hand. So what would be the easiest location to implant a chip in my hand after location 0 (between index and thumb)

Also side note I tried to use one of the places on your partner map to get my chip installed but they’ve now kept forgetting to order the implants or had other issues for close to 5 months so I’m not sure if they should be on there IMO.

Thanks for any help!

I did P2 on my left hand (L2) between the ring and middle finger after doing L0 and R0. It’s worked out decently well for me, and it’s still relatively easy to read.

Knife edge might be another good option, I’ve heard from a lot of people who have done that after P0 (lets you karate chop readers to scan).

The skin is thicker at knife edge though, and it’s a bit more awkward to tent.

I just ordered myself and took them in. Maybe that was their (not so) subtle way of saying they just didn’t want the hassle of ordering them for you.

The thing is that they only have pricing for chips they stock and seemed to strongly imply that they wouldn’t install chips you brought in yourself.

Where are you located?

Sweden. I’m not saying the dude wasn’t just having a lot on his plate but at some point it doesn’t feel worth it to continue to pursue.

Which partner was this? You can DM me directly if you want to keep it private.

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