What is it like getting shocked with a titan implant?

Title should be self explanatory, sorry if it has been asked before, I tried to search through old posts for this question as best as I could. I found some people on other sites saying they have not experienced any ill effects of extra pain from electric shocks from their magnetic implants, but I know many are coated in silicon, so I was interested in whether the titanium coating was any different.

I recently bought a titan and wanted to check about this before getting it put in. I am a high school science teacher who shocks himself both intentionally and unintentionally for work, and I wanted to see if having a titan implant will make shocks more painful, if they would risk causing scar tissue around the implant and decrease sensation from it, cause lasting medical problems like necrosis (unlikely, I would guess, but still want to ask incase it has happened to someone), or any other possible bad stuff people can think of or have experienced. Hypotheticals are fine, but mainly looking for input from people who have been shocked multiple times since getting their implant and can say if any ill effects occured.

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Since it’s grounded to your body basically nothing different happens. It won’t feel any different from my experience.


If I had a TiTAN I would do that for science
I Dont
You do

How about practicals

There’s your answer


I await your findings :wink:


Bio-Hacking Science Teacher!!!



I have been shocked recently by the high voltage side of my vintage geiger counter in the hand that I have multiple magnets including Titan I can say it was painful both times I accidentally got zapped in each hand. 3/10 do not recommend.

edit: to clarify I mean it was no different with or without the magnets.


Yep. I do a lot of my home repairs- lemme tell ya, a shock is a shock. They both make my winky tingle, but magnet or not is not distinctive

Now opening a jar and accidentally hitting my finger titan is another story

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well… with that stun gun the electricity travels the pash of shortest resistance. the pweson most likely has no magnetic implants where the current went through.

i sketched something quickly (sry my sketches suck)


The red stars symbolise where the current could travel if you get shocked in the finger. if set up right the current will pass the titan. but the main question is: will it have any effects?

the tasering what the person did was really useless for our question because i think we are trying to find out what happens when current passes the implant and not what happens if you get a shock somewhere
where no implant is.

ill keep you updated on what happens the next days with sensation and stuff

i should have done a control sample on another finger without a magnet in the way…
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The inside of the body is quite conductive anyways and I doubt that a titan will make a big difference as most of the protection comes from the outer layers of your skin.

I’m still lost on the general theory that a magnet somehow makes something electrical worse?

If you believe that a magnet does something If you’re shocked, tape one to your arm and give it a shot… should be fundamentally the same as an implant

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I think that the OP’s concern is regarding the metal shell of the Titan. However, I doubt that it’ll change things significantly. Most of the current going through the implant will be spread out across a significan amount of tissue. And I’m pretty sure that the shocks in question are pretty mild and don’t have enough energy to cause burns.

I personally wouldn’t be concerned at all.

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I get electrocuted with low voltage (12VDC and 120VAC) on a semi-regular basis. I’ve never noticed anything unusual with any of my three magnets.


Got shocked while welding in the rain a few times with a couple xG3s and nothing weird happened.

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The day that I got mine I competed in the Grindfest Taser Knife fights, you should be fine!

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really? how? I’m betting 12v is not enough electrical potential to get through even wet skin for most people… are you putting your tongue on something?

I do all my own work on my boat and, occasionally, I have to work with the lithium bank at ~14.4VDC. Sometimes I short connectors of positive and negative with a wrench or something. It’s often fast and maybe it doesn’t penetrate my skin, but I definitely feel it, however briefly as a sharp pinch. Contrast that to the fast pulsing pain and simultaneous numbness of a standard 120VAC shock.

ahhh yeah. large current passing through things can cause instant heating, shockwaves, vibrations, etc. that can be quite violent… might feel like the wrench kind of exploded a little in your hand.