What is the better choice?


I want to be implanted (i know it’s obvious), by a nfc chip (to reduce the distance and avoid copy). My perfect chip will be :

  * readable / writable  (with security)
  * flexible (if see the video, it seems to be more simple to read)
  * compatible with mobile / a usb nfc tag reader

The question i’m sure you will ask me, what i want to store ? A string or at least an extremly long integer



Given your requirements, I would suggest the flexDF since it is read/write, flexible with great performance, is compatible with all ISO14443 reader/writer modules… and most importantly, the one thing you mentioned above which was “avoid copy”… which I assume you mean you want security. Well, the flexDF is the only NFC implant with DES, 3DES, and AES security options so far. VivoKey will be out in a few months as a private beta, but right now at this moment, the flexDF is the only implantable NFC transponder that meets your requirements.

Vivokey, well why not, but i need more info about the api and the hardware. What’s the criteria for the private beta ?

VivoKey is a java card platform running JCOP 3. Normal java card development requirements are all that is necessary if you want to develop your own apps for VivoKey.

sounds good to me, how to be part of the beta ?

sign up at vivokey.com for the email list. we will be announcing information about the beta program there.

already done. waiting for info.