What is the expected voltage drop for the LF side of an XMagic?

As the title suggests. I am trying to determine if the LF side of my XMagic is DOA. I have had it installed for 8 months with little to no issue. HF side works about as well as I would expect given the tiny coil size. But the LF side I have never had luck with.

I am trying to check coupling with my PM3, but I am not noticing much of a voltage drop no matter the position. lf tune at 125 my starting voltage is 21200mv and I can get it down to 20900mv at it’s lowest. It’s about the same story for 133.

Does this mean my chip won’t couple and is not working at all? Or am I missing something?

That’s about all you might expect from lf tune in the xMagic or NExT… I think the most I’ve seen is close to 1000mv drop (1 volt). You’re seeing about 300mv drop, and admittedly that’s a rather small drop… but it is a drop.

You might consider attempting a recovery effort?


Thanks for the help, Amal.

Unfortunately, following the steps in that guide do not work. I was unable to read back written data too. Because I figured well maybe if I can’t read it, maybe I can write anyway. The chip did not work on the card reader I am attempting to program it for.

I’ll keep messing around because I do have some hope that it’s working given the 300mv coupling.

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do you have any other LF readers available to you?

what city are you in?
there might be another cyborg to meetup with in your area that has more experience and/or tools


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