What is the Vivokey Fidesmo Equivalent?

I searched around but nothing was popping up here or on the Vivokey web page. It says the Vivokey is based on/ works with Fidesmo, but there are several different feature sets on various Fidesmo devices. I’m trying to find out which device in the Fidesmo lineup is the same as Vivokey so I can get one to play with prior to the VK being released. Thanks.

VivoKey has no current equivalent with any Fidesmo device yet because all current devices use the SmartMX chip, and we are waiting for the release of the SmartMX-2 which will have more storage space and, most importantly, not have a serious garbage collection bug that completely and irreversibly bricks SmartMX chips under certain operating conditions… a very bad thing for an implant indeed.

However, if you wanted to start playing around with Fidesmo applets, you could do so on a Fidesmo card.