What machines can interfere with any of the devices, e.g. MRI with magnet?

If I get an MRI scan is it possible that an implant can be pulled out?

You can get an MRI with an x-series chip implanted, it’s MRI compatible. Check out our FAQ’s MRI section; https://forum.dangerousthings.com/t/x-series-implantable-transponder-faq/#faq-mri

That said, if you would like to remove the chip before getting the MRI, you can remove it easily; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNHazc43q_Q

Magnets I would remove completely before getting the MRI. Removal is also simple, but not as easy as removing an x-series transponder. Partly because of their shape, and partly because of where magnets are typically installed (fingertip).

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Is it possible a EMP(homemade or bought on eBay or Amazon)
can disable or disrupt any of the tags?

Not likely. We hit the xNT with a giant EMP and it still worked afterward. The EMP was so strong it launched the xNT into the air (that’s why it’s contained in a plastic cup).

How about a degaussing device? Or any other devices that can interfere or disable any of the implants.

No sorry, I’m not aware of any.

Thank you…If someone had one of these implants in them and got shock by a taser/stun gun, what will happen to the chip implant?

Nothing. You are a big bag of salt water. The chips are encased in glass. The energy from an electric shock will travel through your salty tissue before it even bothers with the implant.

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Amal, does Dangerous Things also give a statement that it is save to go in the MRI scanner with a x-serie NFC chip?

I already got a statement from Tom (who chipped me), but the radiology department would not accept it. They told me they want a signed statement from the producer. Is that possible?

Yep. Here you go.

Dangerous Things - MRI Compatibility.pdf (19.3 KB)

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Thank you, Amal! I hope they will accept it now

Was that documentation sufficient? How did your MRI go?

For anyone still arriving in this thread these days I’ll just leave here my positive experience! :blush:

I just went through two consecutive MRIs with a 3 Tesla field and my xNT cylindrical chip is still working! No problems whatsoever! :smile::raised_hands:

Did you get any weird tingles or stuff like that? And just curious, what did your MRI operator say about the chips? Can’t be an ordinary thing I bet.

I have the implant in my left hand web and I showed it to the MRI operators before the procedure. They were extremely nice and started looking up everything on their own terminals with me by their side.
I actually immediately showed them @amal’s PDF document above and they were happy with it but still searched on their own for the PubMed article that’s referenced somewhere in here.

Overall that process took like 15 extra minutes but, as I said, they were super friendly. They were only afraid that the implant would heat up and start burning, so they told me to buzz immediately if I felt anything.

During the MRI I think I sensed some amount of force (tingles, vibrations, whatever we wanna call it) but I also believe that can have very easily been psychosomatic (the machine itself vibrates and the air buzz I was holding gets hot), so can’t really say for sure.

Overall pretty chill! :smile: :raised_hands: