What read/write program for my NFC chip?

Hello all !

Im totally Newbie in the chip world but very interessed and i go friday hook up my NFC Chip on my hand. I’m okaye with The DangerousApp on my smartphone for set my password, its installed. BUT, my question is very easy, what i need for beging in this world with my NFC pc reader/writer on my PC ? Wich application i need ?

Thanks you very much !


Well that depends… what do you want to do on your PC? The reader most people use is an ACR122U. Software will depend on what you want to do exactly.

Thanks for the device !

I want :

Use my hand for unlock my phone and my PC for beging, i think its good for start my career :slight_smile:

And thanks for your help !! Im so exciting!!

Yeah, I’d look into the ACR122U and also check this post for PC logon; https://forum.dangerousthings.com/t/unlocking-pc-with-nfc-implant

Thanks you very Much Amal !!