What’s inside these keychains?

I’m not sure if it’s just me or not but all of my friends (all four of them) all have DT keychains that I’ve received in various shipments and purchases. I still have three left in my drawer that I want to do something with so…Using the super secret and very Powerful method, I was able to get the little field detector out of one of the keychains from DT. This sucker is crying to be implanted…

So I have recently been stricken with the need for using a cane. I’m cool so of course I have a nice wooden walking stick with a ball end. My thought and plan is to jazz this sucker up a little bit and Implant it into the handle. My plan is to push it where the antenna is almost sticking out the opposite side and put a crystal marble or maybe even a quartz spear into the handle of the cane.

I have a ball peen hammer cane. The head is a bit heavier than a normal cane but it is a real hammer head I had lying around.

I would have to add a blinky to the shaft rather than the head.

Seriously don’t, Amal didn’t want them to be used as implants… people didn’t listen so he started gluing them into the key chains instead of the bare capsule form

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Geez we get it…you are popular, No need to brag :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Its not the quantity, it’s the quality :vault_boy_thumbs_up:

Thats pretty Baller :hammer: ( unfortunately no ball peen hammer emojis )

Hows about a power circuit in the cane head to power implants like the xled and xsiid


I’m glad you didn’t tell him that imaginary ones don’t count. :laughing:

I would like to keep both of mine.

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Oh yeah no totally! I meant it as a joke to be “implanted into my cane” :slight_smile:

If you must have it in you, send it back to Amal for conversion :):):slight_smile: (also a joke geez…)

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Not bad not bad, that would surely be more cool - I’ll order another batch of v4 pn532s the range is nice on those ones.

My imaginary friends are boring…I need a better imagination :thinking:


I can tell you for sure but these glass tubes have very thin glass, many of them are already cracked, and many of them also have holes from the crappy flame sealing they do. They just aren’t suitable for even animal use so I definitely don’t want anybody putting one in their body.