What’s the best chip to get?

Hi I have a question what implant is best for a proximity card door entry or a contact for mobile ( like a business card ) ?

Do you have a specific access system in mind?
Do you have one or are you looking for one?
Are you talking for a home or business?

Thre are a few that can do this for you, But it will depend on what you answer for above, because ideally, you will want one implant that does both…

So what could you recommend?

The most versatile implant that will work with your phones NFC and a lot of access systems (but not all access systems! There isnt one that will work for all systems.) is the NExT implant. If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all answer, this is the closest I can give. If you want to use it on a specific door though (like one at work or the gym) then we’ll need more details before we can recommend something that’ll work


The NExT covers most ground with this :slight_smile:

Compgeek (and KaiCastledine) nailed it in that the NExT is the most versatile, and also right in that it’s still necessary to hedge unless you have a specific use in mind…

My suggestion is to spend a lot of time around here reading everything you can find. I started out just wanting to clone an apartment key (which turned out to be completely impossible). I asked questions that these guys have heard a million times! And they were completely awesome about it. I just ordered my third implant a couple of nights ago, because while that apt is no longer in the picture, I’m always finding uses - and sometimes even the two chips I already have (really covering 3 bases, with the NExT) don’t work for some particular use.

Asking questions is good. Reading everything here is even better. There is a huge learning curve with RFID, but luckily it isn’t very steep (at least not until you get quite a bit further along.) And if you’re ready to jam something under your skin, it’s worth reading to make the most of it. :o)

Stick around, hope to see more of you!