What size chips?

First post, new user - I have a question around implant sizes.

Ideally I’d use Walletmor but they no longer support UK based users. Not sure if they plan to anytime soon. So thinking about converting a fob (Fidesmo/Curve>Tapster fob).

I’ve seen implants that look like a cylinder (small - ie 2mm x 10mm) - but from what I’m reading DT only do the flat taper 4cm long, 8mm wide ones - is that correct? And if so, how would I get one of those into a smaller form (ie. cylinder), if possible?

I’m ‘just’ looking at nfc payments at the moment.


There are no implants that come in the xseries form factor of a glass tube the shape of a piece of rice

Wearable devices that support Fidesmo Pay include Tapster rings, key fobs and watches, Invis watchstraps, Pagopace and Cnick payment rings, K-Pay, Neos and Oili bracelets and wristbands, Mondaine and Berg watches, and Von Moos pens.

They sound promising, you need to confirm with @amal around the payment conversion


As mentioned above, That’s not going to happen (Cheap+Safe+Easy).
More importantly, Generally, The larger the implant, The better the read range / coupling, and when you are talking about a payment implant, you want this larger rather than smaller.

People that have had both the small glass implants (xSeries) and the larger flat wedge shaped implants (FlexSeries) will most likely agree, the pain of install and the procedure are VERY similar, so if that’s your concern, dont let it be.

My opinion, get the payment conversion, you wont regret it.
I had one done, and I loved it.



Thank you for the detailed reply - much appreciated. I wanted to see if the Tapster fob would be a candidate, so will be posting pics of it very shortly. Fingers crossed it might be, if so will send off to DT for testing/conversion.

Have watched all the vids, so know what to expect. Be interesting to see how NFC readers themselves change over the years, as technology changes.

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OK - Took the fob apart (lots of sticky foam) and the result is a slim (in thickness) sealed antenna/chip:

0.2mm thick (at just antenna)
0.75m thick (at chip)
width: 12mm
height: 34mm

Would this be feasible?


This is a P60 based module and encapsulation is iffy… could try it though.

Ohhhh, :emoji_surprised: Thats look promising…

Fuck you Amal :wink:

You’re the best Amal :grin:

@gitbash I’m excited and envious of you.
Good luck


@amal - ok, so would like to try - would the next step be to purchase the conversion process?

Yep, purchase conversion and you’ll get an email with shipping instructions.

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@amal - Just wondering if the below (pic attached) chip + antenna would be a suitable candidate (it’s another Tapster)?

I also have an extra identical one of the first chip I posted (P60), so depending on failure rate would it be worth including these other two (if the below is also a candidate) when I send the first one over?

Yes this is an infineon module. I’ve encapsulated these before. The robustness is questionable though. Never tested in vivo. The flip chip process to keep the IC adhered to the PCB is questionable.

Thank you - I’ll probably go with the infineon over the P60 - slimmer, more flexible and smaller footprint, although maybe not as robust. Will send these on!

Many thanks