What test cards would you like?

Normally I’m with you on this one: I hate ads and corporate branding pollution with a burning passion. But here the guy is cool, and he’s trying to help our small band of slightly unhinged individuals. So as an exception, I’d be happy to flash one of his cards with a fancy Visa/Mastercard-like 3D hologram thingy to other people for a premium.


I would rather the white side have the chip details more prominently on it.
Potentially the full with of the card along the top edge would be preferable. The KSEC branding being the most prominent info on both sides seems redundant if it is at the cost of me easily finding the cards that will likely be in a pile on my desk :sweat_smile: just my 2c :slight_smile:


Regardless of what you choose, thanks for putting these packs together.

My opinion, pretty much inline with @leumas95

KSEC brand obverse
Card details reverse


I’ll keep messing with the font sizes etc.

I did think about having two sides of the cards covered but not worth doubling the cost.

The main input of any similar cards are lab401. As you can tell there’s is even more than ours in terms of scaling

The white was the initial draft btw. We’re only covering one side of the card

I do agree that the black and blue version is mucho classy.

If the plan is to do only one side, then I might suggest getting rid of the URL and opt for more tag info instead. Thought process: the people who own these tags are already going to be familiar with your website (theoretically, they bought these cards from the store already), so the URL doesn’t serve an immediate function to the user, whereas more information about the tag makes it clearer what each card would be capable of.

Either way, the cards look very nice and I’ll probably be picking up a set :cowboy_hat_face:


Yes one side will be covered. I’ll be looking at adding more card details as some have a lot more text just for the model so that’s definitely going to happen.

The feedback about the website URL I’ve noted so will be downsizing at the very least

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Right I’ve made some changes. I’m going to look to get these ordered soon after a final look over. because only one side is being covered, they will be included in the prices so no cost increases as a result.

  • Downsized URL
  • Increased Chip model size
  • Added UID Changeable to applicable cards
  • Increased label length


My inner graphic design nerd really wants to suggest using left/right aligns instead of center aligns, but now I’m just being picky :joy: Looking good though! I think the downsized URL looks better in general too :purple_heart:

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Not sure how many you are doing or if it is worth it, but would a card printer not be better for this? My old surf club had one so I assume you can get them for not insane costs.

So the labels will be a hassle to apply compared to a card printer. However they will look better colour wise.

I can have a hunt online for one. We’re due to get a label printer for postage… going to need to clear some space for a mini printer collection aha.

At the moment we’re looking to get the initial test phase of these completed. Genuinely have no idea how long it’s going to take to shift the stock we have. Went a bit OTT with the Gen2 replacements and DESfire cards. A card printer isn’t a bad shout however so I’ll have a check for one online again.

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All 6 card label designs have been sent off ! Will post some photos here when they arrive


New labels have arrived and ready for all new orders !

Much better than the previous white labels.


They look great!!

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Another 100 working Mifare Gen2s stocked.

Updated Desfire EV1 & Mifare Gen2 to sell in the following amounts

  • 1
  • 5
  • 10
  • 20
  • 50

Looks like another request

I can see he already bought one from a UK store at a good price.

These are the same as the xHT chips. Not commonly used implant wise.

Could add a small batch to our stock :slight_smile:


We’re waiting for another new chip to add as well as a restock on some others.

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New RFID cards:
Mifare 1K magic UID Gen1 Bundles - up to 50x
NTAG215 13.56Mhz

Added in the NTAG 215 + ICODE SLIX2 into the bundle!
Updated Complete Test Card


Newly released - The KSEC Magic card pack!
For those who want some extra magic in their lives.
https://cyborg.ksecsolutions.com/product/magic-card-pack/ or