What test cards would you like?

So as test cards for implants are being asked for again. Wanted to see what cards people are most keen to see stocked.

Comment below and I’ll build a priority list.

For example:
xEM = T5577
FlexDF = Desfire Ev1
----------------- We have now stocked these ------------------

Here are the product listings so far. We’re waiting on stock to arrive and we’re going to test the batches on arrival.

The complete test back bundle we will keep adding any new cards

DF1, DF2, SIID, SLX, Apex ;), NTAG is easy to acquire but why not

t5577 tends to come with a pm3 or blue cloner so… maybe not worth it

EDIT: and the m1 g1a and g2 ofc


Ntag i2c
M1 gen1 and gen2

In that order :slight_smile:

M1 Gen2 please!

SIID/NTAG I2C and M1 would be great, as would any other options!

I could use a couple of NTAG 413 and a Desfire EV1 or EV2.

Right I’ve sent a few emails out and I’ll see whats possible.


Would people be interested in a dual T5577 + Mifare 1K classic Gen1a or Gen2 ?

This would mean you could get one card to do the job instead of two.

Semi-interested, but doesn’t really gain me anything.

If we can somehow get a T5577 + NTAG 216 card that would be interesting!

Particularly for checking the behaviour of dual-frequency readers with NExTs

If the dual is cheaper than two separate cards, it would be an interesting proposition. Otherwise there’s no point.

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ditto. Would like to explore Apex

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So far we’ve got the following pretty much sorted:

Mifare 1k Gen1a
Mifare 1k Gen2
Desfire EV2 & Ev2

We’re going to be ordering smaller amounts so would anyone be interested in a pre-order ? Can do each one separately or a bundled pack.

Still looking to confirm the NTAG 216 etc

If you can get the prices low enough, i think a bundle ‘test card pack’ will be logistically the simplest and help keep costs down (especially if you can get worldwide shipping to a low price with them being so light)

I don’t need T5577 or 1k Gen1a, but by the time you’re making custom packs, i can’t imagine shipping being cheaper - for a couple of extra bucks I’d order a set

Yeah it’s not easy trying to find the cards for a single source. Currently looking a 20/50/100 packs from all over the place.

I’ve got an idea for the packs but were looking to make these as fair pricing as possible.

Oh, I know! I’ve tried! And there are some that just don’t seem to exist… That’s why we want to shift the work on to you :wink:

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Haha well … The last time I went down this route I spent days trying to nail down all of the sources.

Will most likely do an initial release of all the cards we can get. Then if they prove popular move up to cheaper bigger batches.


And i suppose there is the catch 22 - I’ve now sourced most of the common ones, and if its not in enough bulk to drive prices down, its probably not worth it to me. But without the market, it’s not worth it to you…

I dont think this is going to be a money maker. More just offering them are near bare min costs to everyone for ease of use.

There are sellers who specialise in magic cards but they’re a premium price for sure


I’d love a pack even if i didn’t use them all straight away the piece of mind knowing that x will work before trying it on an implant is priceless to me but has an affordability factor to.

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Count me in for a few (2 or 3) Desfire EV2s provided the master key ain’t set!