What test cards would you like?

These should just be blank cards so OEM

Right … So after too many hours of trying to locate good sources I’ve got the following being sent over… You don’t want to know the total cost aha.

Desfire EV1 4K
Desfire EV2 8K
Mifare 1K Gen1a
Mifare 1K Gen2
Ntag 216

We’ve had to order up to packs of 100 and for Desfire cards thats not cheap.

Will make product pages soon + the packs with the same of them being £1.50-£2.50 each and will do a bundle pack as well.


Here are the product listings so far. We’re waiting on stock to arrive and we’re going to test the batches on arrival.

The complete test back bundle we will keep adding any new cards


You ship to the USA right? :smiley:

Worldwide :slight_smile:

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nice to see orders for these coming in ! We paid for express shipping on every order so should be with us shortly.

only one im gutted not to see is a ntag i2c, ill be ordering on friday (payday :smiley: )

Yeah we’ve been through over 15 different sources today but couldnt get those. We do have this which can emulate it and other tags


Thank you. Your order has been received.


Was so tempted to get one of those, lab401 is sooo expensive though. Oddly the “unbrickable” part of it is why it’s not that suitable as a I^2C plus test card :frowning:

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Yeah were literally selling the same/similar cards for a few £1.50-£4 that are prices there for £15/£30.
Ngl at least they’re going to make some good margins of doing that aha


Well ain’t that handy. I had a few other things to order from you anyway. I was waiting for an occasion to aggregate all the items into one order. I guess that pushed me over the edge :slight_smile:

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Awesome news indeed ! Make sure you’re signed up to our cyborg membership if not already to get 10% off Vivokey & Dangerous things products etc

Hey @KaiCastledine I found this supplier a while back. They have pretty much everything. Might be worth a look.

Thanks I’ll check it out.

Unfortunately so far I’ve managed to source things from within the UK to start with. Means a quicker setup for people but more costly.

Some shipping from there when I initially spoke to sellers in China were looking at a month shipping minimum.

Will look to plan in something long term if this turns out to be popular

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Idk, I somewhat disagree with that, seeing as the dual frequency nature of the NExT may cause some wierd quirks with some readers and having the same dual chips in a card format would be useful for testing those cases. Though, I suppose I could just get one of the T5577 and one of the Ntag and then glue/ tape them together lol

So first batch of Mifare Gen1a & T5577 have arrived ! prepping and testing this evening.

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Right my one regret with this venture is not buying a label maker haha.

40 handmade labels later …

Both the T5577 & Mifare 1k Gen1 are all tested and working.

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Yeah, you’re not going to find those available as test cards. I’ll make them for DT soon enough.


Desfire EV1 & and the second batch of Gen1a have arrived.

Just waiting on the NTAG and Gen2.

Say Kai, I just rechecked my order but I see all the things that were marked backordered when I placed it still are (not just the cards). Are the order views static or are they updated as your inventory changes?