What would be the best implant for HID

So I work in a factory with an RFID time card system, no idea what kind, I’ll check tomorrow but phone nfc receivers only use HF right? I say this because I cannot scan my badge with nfc tools or tag info? Insight or advice for of this is possible would be appreciated.

Chances are it’s 125khz EM… maybe the xEM will work with it… but yes, NFC is 13.56mhz only.

Why is the xEM so cheap compared to other implants? (Not being negative at all) just being objectively curious as to why the chipset is cheaper than say the NT or the M1? Is lf tech cheaper than hf? And sorry to throw this in too but what exactly is the xm1 for? As in what is it normally used for (don’t have to answer the last question as I’m sure I could just read about it I’m assuming it’s just a better HF chip)

Hah… well it has to do with a few factors… it was our first product and priced with bad margin… and it’s hard to raise prices on products… but it’s also that the T5577 chip is easy to source and we can buy in small batches, whereas other silicon chips that go into our implants either have huge MOQs or are priced much higher to order just small qty… and keep in mind the quantity these chip makers usually sell to manufacturers are in the millions of chips per year… and we’re… not that.

The xM1+ was a special chip that we made which could act like a Mifare Classic 1k chip and also allow sector 0 to be written to, enabling customers to completely clone old Mifare Classic 1k cards and tags to their implant.

Makes perfect sense! And as for any of the flex or x series implants, which is the most versatile or useful for you, which do you get the most use of?

I use my xEM and flexNT the most. I do have an xNT but the flexNT performance is so much better I default to it.