What would you use the Apex Flex for?

If you were to get the Apex Flex today what would you use it for besides payments? I understand it’s great for PGP, OTP, applets, etc but I am looking for examples. Examples of use and applet examples

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I am already using yubikey so I would like to migrate from it. Now I will have my ssh key with me everywhere.


Password manager sounds nice to me


I was setting up keepass on my unraid server but the docker container on the community store isn’t as refined as id like it to be

So mainly for passwords?

Password manager is my first use wish as well :wink:


Ditto. Passwords and hopefully one day payments.

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I’d definitely love payments too, but the way the credit card companies are going, that’s a whole new meaning/definition to the the term SOON™, hehehehhee :wink:


Apple have just announced Apple IDs will soon support hardware security keys - seems like they’re going with FIDO U2F so there’s another use for the Flex if you have an Apple account. More info: Apple announces physical Security Key support for Apple ID two-factor, new iMessage verification technology

U2F and not fido2?

I’m sure I saw reference to U2F but now can’t find it :flushed:
We’ll prob be light on for documentation from Apple in near future but I’ll find out what I can and reply back

Right now mine has

  1. fido
  2. otp
  3. Tesla key
  4. NFC share
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