What's my next option to clone 125khz card

I’m trying to clone a 125khz RFID access card by Gallagher. I tried using a cheap $10 Cloner from eBay but it doesn’t detect the card at all.

I only need to clone this one card as everything else I do is with NFC and I can use my phone. What is my next option to read and copy the card without forking out for a proxmark3?

I know the card is LF as the readers it uses are 125khz only readers.

Where are you located. Maybe someone is nearby and can help out?

This is very easy
you will need a tool of some description to do it.
A PM3 or Flipper can do it easily.

This is a very good option.
My guess is, you ate in NZ or Australia.
(in my experience, Gallagher is quite common there)

What do you want to write it onto?

DT used to offer a copy service.

If you want it written to an implant, Amal MAY offer this option.

I’m near Melbourne in Australia. I know there are a few people from Australia on here but not sure if anyone can help close by.

Initially I was hoping to write it onto a key fob just to check that it works and then once confirmed want to write it to an implant.

I was just hoping there might have been a cheaper option than a PM3. My other work uses MiFare classics and I can get by with my phone.

Is there a cheap reader/writer option that I can use with software to make this happen?

I also can’t remove the card from work and send it to anyone as it’s needed constantly.

You may be in lucK

:speaking_head: @COMPGEEK

I’m pretty sure he has PM3 and Flipper, and with the Flipper, it will take approximately 10secs to copy your card and write to an implant.

Other possible :man_shrugging:




Ayo friend I’d be down to give you a hand!

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Sweeet. I’ll flick you a DM.

Nice one, I’m not sure if you have played with Gallagher before on the PM3
Nothing different, and you won’t need a hand, But just to save you some time ( it should only be 2 commands “reader” & “Clone”

lf gallagher reader

Then Raw output into clone command, and most likely it will just be the top line required (That will include the facility code and Card number within the raw data)

lf gallagher clone --raw 0FFD5461A9DA1346B2D1AC32 → encode for T55x7 tag

lf gallagher clone --raw 0FFD5461A9DA1346B2D1AC32 --q5      -> encode for Q5/T5555 tag
lf gallagher clone --raw 0FFD5461A9DA1346B2D1AC32 --em      -> encode for EM4305/4469
lf gallagher clone --rc 0 --fc 9876 --cn 1234 --il 1        -> encode for T55x7 tag from decoded data


We all know how tricky the PM3 LF antenna can be to couple, so,
If you have a Flipper, that works far more easily









I actually have both an RDV4 and a flipper, So covered either way! Thanks again Pilgrim!