What's next? What technology are you most excited about?

i think this sector is the wave of the future. People are just now coming on board, so… what’s next? What is the best way to get involved in the future of biohacking?

I’m most excited about VivoKey personally :slight_smile: I’m hoping it will play a major role in the future of digital identity and security.

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Hey sorry for spam… but I have just a question how big it’s going to be your vivokey implant?

Yeah, but what else? How can you take this technology further? NFC is amazing, but how can I transmit over longer distances? I want to create, and put to use, electricity from my body in order to power more powerful radios. I would also like to be able to store more data than a normal implantable chip. What limitations are keeping these from happening?

I can’t say I’m very good at visioning the future but I’ll take a stab.
For security reasons, I don’t think I’d want too much more range out of an implant. The only reason for that might be for presence indication… Like walk into a room and a long range reader can read an implanted tag and customize the room environment for you. To avoid a Minority Report type situation, I think the tag would need to have a feature that would require the scanning system to provide some sort of challenge/response authentication before the tags ID was transmitted.

I don’t believe there is any current technology that can convert biological energy into electricity (at least at an implantable scale) so harvesting energy from your body to power electronics is a long way off. I’ve seen electricity generated by mechanical means using piezo transducers that can extract energy from actions like walking.

Putting aside all kinds of technical limitations, along with security and safety implications…

I would love to see an implantable mass storage device. The idea of having a connector implanted (something like a mag-safe type USB connector, cause tripping over the cord is not an option!) where you could plug yourself in to interface with other machines, even if just for mass storage is fascinating. Imagine using the technology that allow amputees to control prosthetics to interface with the mass storage and only allowing access to certain files/folders by the connected device using your thoughts.

Imagine having a true HID device that gets implanted. You “pair” your implant with a system just like a bluetooth mouse or keyboard. Just look at a link and think “click that” and it happens. I suspect there will be new types of HID that expand past keyboards and mice type interfaces. Imagine a password that only exists in your thought.

Going back to the mag-safe, you could have “packs” that you can clip on to yourself that allow un-implantible tech like batteries to be interfaced with your body… Like the pack would power the implant interface, and provide wireless connectivity to a nearby system.

As for NFC, payment seems to be the holy grail of NFC implants. But judging how unreliable paying with my S7 has been, I think we are still a ways off… but not due to implant tech, but due to how many other systems have to come together for it to work.

OK, that’s all I got.

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All I want to do with my chip is pay for stuff. I haven’t installed it yet since I don’t have the kinks worked out in how to go about it. I love the technology and the security, but I want to make sure the tag works before having it implanted. I am surprised to hear that you haven’t had much luck with the payments platforms. I’ve had a lot of success with contact-less payments on my phones, S7, Note8.

I think piezoelectric is where its at. The limitations around implantables are, in my opinion, due to an inability to provide power to them. Think about the capabilities that a bluetooth radio could bring. If you had an implanted piezo motor in your wrist, and some sort of implant-friendly sensors running down your hand, fingers, I’m sure enough energy could be produced to run some very basic functions–i/o, diagnostic? “Go, Go, Gadget Flashlight Finger!”

I think a “port” of sorts would be pretty incredible as well. The ability to have a hard interface with your implants would be neat. I think this capability would make this tech able to be scaled–and that is a very good thing.

Perhaps its a folly to be this way, but I am not inherently concerned with security. I think encryption is ‘enough’. I mean, that, and having a chip in your hand :wink:

So far I’ve been playing around with using my xNT as sort of a data “briefcase” between ecosystems which I would like to see someone some day developing the ablity to access software applications from romote to home or office through cloud syncing incorporating NFC Chips & Tags…

Found this cool company while exploreing the nfc realm
smartcloud-nfc.pdf (901.3 KB)
I’m beginning to realize how emense the possibilities are for nfc and what a visionary Amal is and how much of a pioneering spirit everyone here has with being a part of this through DT… I feel privileged to be…

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