When apex comes out, How important is an NFC phone?

Will thank you all for the input. My phone still functions so I might wait till apex is actually released to pull the trigger, but when I do it looks like it’s gonna be nfc.

As for the aosp that @fraggersparks mentioned, I’ll look into it but since I’ve never even heard of it before I’ll have to do some research first as to the how and the benefits

Actually, @amal is there a price planned for the apex that i can save up for?
Sorry to bug you here but i didn’t thing this warranted its own thread.
I did a quick search of the forums and didnt find anything

Hey, just wanted to bump the last gen phone idea. I love my note 9, and while it wont get future android updates (I think), it’s all around a great phone, it’s got every sensor and port you really ever need. My only wants for a new phone are an ir blaster and wireless power share. Nevertheless, the note 9 is the last with a headphone jack too. The note 10 is also going to be cheaper once the note 20 is out later this year. The last gen hardware isn’t really a huge issue as the note series is just ridiculously beefy.

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Thanks for the recommendation, ill look into a couple of last gens when the time comes. Depending on how much longer the apex takes, last-gen is just going to get better and cheaper

edit* probably not the note 9. its far over my $400 or less goal. I cant go any higher because i dont have any more.

We are exploring some technical concepts that might allow for Apex chips to be extremely cheap or possibly even “free” with subscription to related services… but nothing is formalized in the slightest yet.


Thanks for an answer.


Really helpful!
The kind of post I so many times needed, to explain those things away, but was ever too lazy to put together! XD

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So, the time has come to make a decision: The LG Velvet!


Its higher than the price range i was looking for but AT&T has it half off so it actually fits perfectly. And it has NFC as well as wireless charging.

Im going to get it in the next week or 2 so ill report read ranges then.

until then i have another problem to work out…

The problem

I use one of these stick on wallet pouches:

Im not gonna carry a separate wallet :x:
if i put this directly on the velvet, i cover the nfc and wireless charging :x:
sticking it to a case would block it as well but at least then i can just remove the case whenever i want nfc or wireless charging :neutral_face:

Any other ideas for carrying the cards and keys you cant get rid of?

You could always try a folio style case, like this one. I had one on my Pixel 3 for awhile, and liked it well enough - kept all of my needed cards close by and minimized what I was carrying. Only problem I’ve found is that NFC capabilities are hit or miss - some folios are thick enough to block the wireless charging/NFC on the back, even without the cards and everything on the back, and the ones that do have NFC capabilities without taking the phone out can be a little flimsy. Just gotta do some research to find a good one.

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I have a novel solution! Since your getting it cheaper from t mobile, use some of the money you saved to get the dual screen accessory! Its $200, so not cheap, but it gives you more utility and a spot to put a wallet on the front.

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Just saying :grin:

you could go for Google pay :man_shrugging:

as @Ottomagne suggested the folio cover would protect you phone and move your cards from the back of the phone

Stick your wallet pouch on the screen so it doesn’t cover the NFC antenna.

tenor (60)

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Alright let’s see,


Folio could work but it’s got a couple of issues.

Since the cards are on the inside, I cant just reach in my pocket and slide out my school Id (mag strip) to enter my dorm. I’d have to take it out and flip it open first which becomes a problem when my hands are full of food and I need to get into my building while balancing on a one wheel and the door is timed so I can’t set things down, open it, and pick them back up.
(This situation happens daily)

This might be the best option still so maybe I’ll buy it and return it if it doesn’t work

google pay/payment conversion

This would only get rid of my debt card, i still need my school id (and untill I finish modding my car, the card for that) as well as my dorm key because rit won’t let me mod the lock in any way shape or form…

Also there are some things like the vending machine at my other job that just won’t read my watches google pay. So I like the card for backup

the double screen case

As you said it’s kinda pricey and I just don’t think I’d utilize it enough to be worth it. (especially with the massive bezel in the middle unlike the z fold)
It also tanks the battery so that’s an issue.

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hmm. i just realized that even if it doesnt pulse when locked, it still acts as a passive tag.

so if i set my phone on the wrong side of the desk (where the kbr1 is directly underneath) any field i click into gets spammed full of hex…

anyone else have the same issue or is my desk just thin…?

I hadn’t considered scanning my phone with the kbr1 I had no idea the phone could act like an NFC tag!

well, the problem is that it reports a random uid every time…

That is weird because my phone reports the same uid every time. Even after rebooting my phone.

interesting… i just get:

random garbage each time i scan


Perhaps it has to do with different hardware? I use a One Plus 7 pro.

Yep this is hardware and OS mod dependent. It’s called host card emulation and random id is a security option that can be engaged or off.

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