When to be concerned?

So I’ve gotten an xSIID implant (my first implant) 18 hours ago, and it still has not scabbed over. I’m regularly changing Elastoplast Aquaprotect (waterproof) bandages because of some bacterial shield claim they have, and wiping it down with cetaphil wipes each time. There’s no pain, but still minor bleeding. Is this normal at this stage? I’ve been taking pre-natal vitamins as well. Can anybody provide any more tips for aftercare and how to make sure this doesn’t get infected?

to scab over it needs to breathe be exposed to air and dry out. smothering it with a plaster will cause it to just heal without scabbing which is fine but you can go without a plaster and let it heal that way


Here is a good link to FAQs that mention aftercare:

Would it not be safer to use a plaster though? If this gets infected, I’m screwed. On that note, what do I do if infection occurs?

You got the implant 18 hours ago and you’re regularly changing the bandage? How many times have you changed the bandage in 18 hours? If the area around the implant is clean, and the bandage is clean then by changing it too often you just risk contamination. Put a nice plaster on and leave it on for a couple of days. Keep it dry and clean.


Probably like 5? I’m just tripping out I guess.

lol after a safe and sterile install you should put a bandaid on it and leave it be for a few days


this. don’t worry about smothering it with aquaprotect… its way overkill. just a normal crap bandage to keep dirt out of it is all you need… unless you have some underlying medical condition that warrants extreme caution. are you immuno-compromised?


Keep it clean and it should heal within a few weeks. It’s a wound that’s deeper than the skin and it could take a day or two for it to stop bleeding. And if you keep it covered, the bandage will absorb some exudate while it heals.

I’d personally avoid replacing the bandage unless it gets saturated, wet, dirty, or the adhesive fails.