Where can I buy a reliable Proxmark3 (rdv2)

I’m from Germany, I’m short on the moneyz and I want to buy a proxmark3 rdv2 to play around with RFID. In the meantime, I intend to save money for the rdv4. So where can I get a good one? I had a look on Amazon and I’m not sure if it’s good quality. So do any of you know a reliable seller in Europe that still sells rdv2’s? Thanks :slight_smile:

I would reccomend for you the Proxmark3 Easy, because it is a cheap reliable knock off and there are plenty of people on this forum that have it and use it, so there will be at least some form of support.
here is a link to one that is well priced and a couple of forum members are using.
In Europe, (I’m assuming to avoid Tax) I’m afraid I can’t help you, but the Easy is cheap, so take that into account when you work out the VAT price


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


If you plan on getting the RDV4 later anyway, I would suggest you wait some more and save up for that device without buying the intermediate device. It would make more financial sense, although it requires you to be patient, which is hard :slight_smile:


So we have the Proxmark RDv4 and all of the accessories/addons

If you’re still wanting the RDv2, I would buy direct from elechouse but they’re in china.

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Ok, thanks :smiley: