Where do you put the xSIID?

Thinking where i will put tomorrow a xSIID. What do you thing?
Position1 or 2?

I wear a NeXT on left Hand and Spark2 in right hand

1 position is better for me easier to scan

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I think so

Are you planning anymore on the same hand at a later date?

If so, it would depend on what else you were considering., if not, either would be suitable.

If it is mainly to show off your Blinky, then choose which ever position is easier to light up…

Yessssss xSIID installed and working


Haha, so not your position 1 OR 2 :wink:

FYI we generally use this :arrow_down: as our location map of the hand

Naming convention for implant locations in the hand

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The tattoo Man said that i haven’t space for it. I deslike that the chip can see.

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