Where is my PN532 reader and KBR1?

Hi i ordered a Cyborg transformation lifestyle kit, the order came pretty fast and thats all good. but i can see that i havent received the Dangerous KBR1 Keyboard Wedge Reader and PN532 NFC Reader Module :frowning:

However i have received two access control packets ? so there must have been some kind of mix up!!

please help me fix this who can i contact?? ive written to you from the mail box on your home page, but with no reply

best regards
Kardo Ismail, Denmark

Hi Substavo,

I believe we are having a bit of a disconnect with our communications. I apologize for the inconvenience and confusion. The KBR1 Wedge Reader and PN532 NFC Reader Module is on its way to you via DHL. The package left yesterday afternoon. I’m sorry the tracking information did not reach you. I will re-verify your email address and privately provide you with the tracking information again.

My best,


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Hi Substavo,

Just in case there is something amiss with our emailing, I wanted to let you know that I just had DHL email you directly with the full package of docs that support your re-shipment.

We did indeed receive your message yesterday and let’s just say Amal was not too happy. He insisted we minions do the dance of shame over this :roll_eyes:

We immediately emailed you yesterday and are sorry this communication did not reach you. Please PM me if you need any further assistance.

My best,