Where should I put my implants?

I get my ultimate kit in tommorow (hopefully), and am wondering where to put all 3 of the implants. My plan and reasoning is as follows:

Spark 2: Left hand webbing, as it won’t need to be scanned as frequently, and I would use my phone in my dominant hand to scan it.

NExT: Right hand webbing, I feel as if this is the one that id want in my dominant hand because it seems that it is more likely to be scanned more often, and I think it’d be better to have it here.

xM1: I have no idea where to stick this one. I’ve thought of puting it in the knife edge part of my right hand, but am concerned that it might break there, from chopping or pounding my hand against things. I believe this might also be the one end up using the most, as I plan on cloning my Universities ID to it, so I’m after advice on where to put this one. If you guys think I’d be better off swapping this one and one in the thumb webbing from above, please tell me and let me know why.

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Personally I’d go NExT and xM1 in the thumb webbing - those are the ones you’ll be scanning all the time so that’d be the best spot for presenting to card readers.

As for the Spark - you’ll only really be scanning that with your own phone as often as you log into a website. I’d put it in less premium hand real estate or possibly above the wrist, but where exactly I’m not sure and comes down to what you’re most comfortable with.

What do you mean by above the wrist?

I don’t know how to quote another page here, but like the bottom green rectangle in the where can I put it image of this post?

Also is there any tutorial on putting it between the fingers like in that picture? One of my friends is probably going to implant them for me, (he is a nursing major in univeristy) so I want to get him as much info as possible.

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I actually put my NExT on the knife edge, I use it for my work badge, PC unlock, vCard sharing, etc. It’s a super convenient location. If you’re planning on using the xM1 more, I personally feel it’s a great location. Once these chips are in you, they’re pretty durable. I think there’s been one case of a broken capsule so far, and IIRC, it was on the webbing.

Currently there’s only documentation on the webbing implant, and wrist for a flex install. I’m getting video from my installer in the near future though, so we’ll have documentation on knife-edge installs to bring to new installers. He just wants to prep it first, to make sure he and the people who were there stay anonymous.


Exactly, somewhere out of the way but easy for you to scan.

Not that I’ve seen, but maybe someone else can jump in with advice.

Then he’ll have more of an idea on hand biology than I do!

Good to hear! In my playing around with holding my unchipped hand to the readers at work it felt like an awkward wrist angle, but i guess it depends on how the readers are installed. I might have a play with that before my xM1 goes in!

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The readers at my place are mostly 90° to the door, so I can just kind of tap it with the back of my fist as I walk up, if that makes sense.

I think that might be the difference! Most at my work are right beside the handle so I’d have to do a hand rotate or cross-body ninja move of some sort

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We have on of those, but it’s on the left. I just finesse my way though. Turn sideways to scan like I described above while grabbing the door handle with my left hand, and just opening the door all smooth like for whoever I’m with.



If possible do you think you could do a quick step by step of how to do an install in the knife edge? If I do decide to put it there I can give my friend your instructions and try to get a recording of the install. However I’m still trying to figure out where the best place to put the implants are for me.

The main door id be using this on would be my dorms entrance, and it looks like the included image, where the left rectangle is a key door and the right is the scan door. The red box is the scanner. Sorry about the poor drawing skills as well, I drew it up on my phone.

I can give it a go once I get to a computer, but the plan was to kinda crowdsource/ get a peer-reviewed document for the step-by-step install. I’m a database developer, we’re legendary for not properly documenting things.

As far as where to put them for badging, It’s really personal preference. I’d go with webbing for that, but you need to consider how much you’ll be using that implant after you graduate, yea? What I did was spend a week just looking like an idiot swiping my hand against the readers when I walked in to see what felt natural before I got them in.
There’s no harm taking your time, beats regretting install location/getting it cut out to get repositioned.

Edit: Also why are you using the xM1 for the dorms? Is it a UID concern?

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I’m specifically a cybersecurity major, so I’m not too worried about post graduation usage.

The univeristy uses the 1k cards so this way made the most sense to me. If I made an oversight please let me know, but I’ve been trying to do as much research as I could, and that seemed the best route. I will probably try to get the NExT added into the system if that’s a thing I can do, but the xM1 is very likely to succeed for what I need, and its useful for my future in the realm of cybersecurity.


Alright. I was just trying to make sure you’d thought of everything was all. I’m not a pentester or anything, so I can’t attest to anything you’d be dealing with.
I’m mostly just lazy and impatient, so after years of looking into the magnet side of the transhuman movement (with a smidge of learning about chips through osmosis,) I saw they had a Cyborg Monday sale and jumped on it while the guys over at my other forum work towards a magnet coating that doesn’t break down in two years or is so thick you can’t sense with it properly…

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Just highlight the text, and the floating “Quote” bubble should appear, just click that and it will automatically create a reply post, or if you are already replying, it will put the quote where you cursor was.

If the image is too large (or small), you can edit these dimensions, Generally I find the easiest is to half or quarter etc…

If you need more tips and tricks, try out the tutorial there is a bunch of stuff in there

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I’ve been meaning to ask if there’s a way to reset that guy. I broke mine before I could get the badge…

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This is why we don’t buy you new toys @ThexTallxDude



What do you mean broke… can you take a screenshot of the last post you did with “him”
ie. where did you get up to?

It’s so fun to learn about things by finding out how much they can take though…

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That’s why I do the job I do :slight_smile:

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He just doesn’t reply anymore…

^ Was a lie :frowning:

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