Where should I put my implants?

Try “@discobot display help”

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I may be being impatient, but nothing yet.

@Pilgrimsmaster fucking A, m8. I’m deff trying to add you on our ctf team. You might not be able to exploit DNS zone transfers, but you have a keen eye and knowledge to teach!

It’s been so long since I used discobot, you have to find the capybara when you do, you’ll know what to do!


Thanks all of you. I should be joining the ranks of the cyborgs soon.

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Is there a reply message after the herb emoji, or is that it?

Alright, well. I’ll wait a bit and see if it replies.

Glad we could help. Sorry for hijacking your thread, btw.

FYI that is the last step, you should get a shiny certificate…


Then you can do the advanced tutorial


Yeah sorry for hijacking your thread @Ikea. Sometimes @MouSkxy @Pilgrimsmaster @ThexTallxDude drive tow trucks around like we jacked them in GTA V :slight_smile: ain’t that right boys!


Nothing yet. I’ll DM you tomorrow if the date change doesn’t sort it out though try not to derail this any further

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It’s fine I found it entertaining and I got my questions answered.

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The tutorial link you posted doesnt work for me.

Hey @Ikea

If you want to do the tutorial, go to this page (or tap your picture in the top right of any page and select the picture of an envelope). Once you’re in that menu, look for a message named

discobot :robot: Greetings!

and follow the automated instructions to complete the tutorial

I don’t have that.

Discobot may be busted actually. I’m messaging Amal shortly. @Pilgrimsmaster and I spent a few days trying to work out an issue I was having with mine and couldn’t get it sorted out. It looks like the bot may be inactive or something.

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That would do it.

@ThexTallxDude u still fucking with discobot? She still isn’t responding to you :confused: man you must have pissed her off lol

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I’m trying to get it to work too.