Where to buy xEM (ATA5577)

im looking to get an implant for access control

the largest range of kit seems to be compatible with the xEM rather then the NT
where can I buy an ATA5577 chip? obviously first answer is the website that im currently on. but I don’t want to pay full price for an implantable chip just to play around with card readers and writers and then thrown it in the bin when I get the real implant.

iv found them for less than $1 on some wholesalers but mostly out off stock or having no antenna built in. found one that had stock off the “wafer” type with an antenna on it but they wanted a horrific price for shipping and a 14 week lead-time


I am based in the UK

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Just go on eBay or Amazon and search for one. I’m assuming you want basically a card or a fob with the same sort of technology in it.

Plug in “t5577” into the search and you’ll find something.


ohhhhhh Iv been searching for ATA5577

so thease tags have the same chip as the xEM correct?

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