Where to get flexMN/MT/EM installed

So i just go my first implant done less than a week ago and I’ve been looking in to getting my second. I know they arn’t in stock at the moment, but I was looking into the FlexEM and FlexMT. If/when they’re available again, I’m curious as to where to go to get it installed. I got my NExT implant done by a body piercer, but I don’t know if i they’re allowed (or if he’d even agree to) use surgical type implements. Which leads to my question of, where do I go to get a FlexMN/MT installed? I know there’s a link with a map that shows installers, but the description makes them sound like body piercers who publicly offer the service (I’m probably very wrong about what they offer). I was think of putting it around P1-P3, is this something I need to talk to a doctor/surgeon about doing? Or am I missing a completely obvious option? (doing this at home is not an option, I don’t do well watching this kind of thing)
sorry if this isnt the right category for this, I can take down and repost if needed