Where to place chip on scanner?

Anyone know where I need to place my chip to get it to register on this fcker? I’m in this shop daily but it’s too busy to spend time trying to figure out where the sweet spot is

Assuming walletmor or similar narrow flex conversion…

Parallel with edge or a 45 across the corner.

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so the “walletmor” implant needs to be parallel with the edge of the screen? so vertical on the left and right edges and horizontal on the top and bottom ones? won’t work if it’s at say a 30 degree angle?

Possibly but 30 degrees off could mean the difference between it working and not.

This reader you need to have horizontal and parallel with the top of the screen.

The Verifone P400

Looks like you have found the answer.

I would have first gone to the compatibility matrix

Followed the Payment sheet link

and Followed the link


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The matrix tells you if it works but not how to get it to work

Eh as t about this one? It’s picking up the chip but asking me repeatedly to present it again

I thought it was all pretty clear :man_shrugging:

The answer to your question was in

Without physically holding your hand, I’m not sure how much more help we can be?

Do you have any diagnostic tools like the xFD :xfd: or diagnostic card :card_diagnostic_dt:

They will help you find the antenna trace and the most likely best location for a successful read

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FYI VivoKey is working on a credit card sized Flex field detector to make this kind of diagnostic process easier.


Want… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry, I couldn’t find any of that info on the spreadsheet. I’ll take a look at it on my laptop rather than mobile

No don’t have any diagnostic tools but it’s becoming clear I need some :joy:

Given that the vivokey disgnostic card is only being worked on at the moment am I best getting the DT one?

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@amal Amal when cross referencing @Pilgrimsmaster’s spreadsheet should my implant behave like the walletmor one?

That looks awesome, I started making my own a while back with the old copper antenna style antenna but it fell to the wayside before I finished.
Yours looks far better than mine was ever going to.

Long story short, Thanks for knocking something off my “to do” list :+1:




i am not seeing any of those images on the spreadsheet?

i can see that the P400 cell has text i can copy and paste into the search bar and that takes me to the vx820 page which has a few videos on it which show the chip being presented to the edge of hte screen at 45 degrees but doesn’t shoe the image above with the images above with the placement of the chip above or below the verifone text - where do i find a link to that section?

I can’t find a link to this on the spreadsheet or on the forum. Also can’t find a category called walletmor owners on the forum?

If this is a closed group then you’re posting saying this couldn’t be any more obvious if you did it for me, but the info is not available me to me as it’s hidden from me.